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Deacon Frost: How you doing, chief?

[Blade reaches for his gun]

Deacon Frost: Easy.

[pulls in a little girl closer to him]

Deacon Frost: Wouldn't want our little friend here to wind up in the back of a milk carton now, would we? It's nice to finally meet you, man. Had my eye on you for years. I know all about you. Your serum, Whistler. Everything.

Blade: [amused] Sunblock.

Deacon Frost: Hey, it's a start, right? The goal, of course, is to be like you - the Daywalker! You got the best of both worlds, don't you? All our strengths... none of our weaknesses.

Blade: Well, maybe I don't see it that way.

Deacon Frost: Oh, so it's back to pretending we're human again? C'mon... spare me the Uncle Tom routine, okay? You can't keep denying what you are, man. You think the humans will ever accept a half-breed like you? They can't. They're afraid of you. And they should be. You're an animal, you're a fuckin' maniac! Look at 'em. They're cattle; pieces of meat. What difference does it make how their world ends? Plague... war... famine. Morality doesn't even enter into it. We're just a function of natural selection, man. The new race.

Blade: Looks like your mascara's running.

Deacon Frost: [wipes a bit of sunblock from his face] I'm offering you a truce. I want you with us.

Blade: What... do you think I'm stupid?

[in vampire language]

Blade: "The Spirits of the Twelve will awaken La Magra."

Deacon Frost: You're familiar with the Blood God.

Blade: Frost... you're nothing to me but another dead vampire.

Deacon Frost: You're an idiot, you know that? I came down here offering you an easy way out and you spit it right back in my fuckin' face!

[Blade reaches for his gun again; Frost picks up the little girl by the chin]

Deacon Frost: Careful!

Blade: What do I care? They're nothing but cattle... just like you said.

Deacon Frost: If you wanna take the hard road, be my guest, pal. But I promise you by the time this is over, you're gonna wish they never cut you from your mother's...

[Blade shoots and misses Frost as he throws the little girl and runs]

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