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48 minutes ago 
all american why do you call gamers no life nerds if you have 1,300 hours on gmod and rp on hl2rp?
the game'd gamer Mar 10 @ 5:50am 
yo all american i heard what you sound like in that fucking video lmao
IHATETYLER :condi: Mar 5 @ 9:50pm 
https://ghostbin.com/paste/3e4j2 at least post the full convo before you try that reddit psychology
Ethan Mar 5 @ 9:50pm 
All American: hold on ill let you get ur last words in
All American: so you can feel like a big boy really fast LOL
IHATETYLER :condi:: thanks for the wall of sperg content
IHATETYLER :condi:: fuckwit
All American: catch u on the flipside, gamer
Ethan Mar 5 @ 9:30pm 
angry nerd strikes back at chad

All American: wittle baby took him a nap after doing his hw like a good boy
IHATETYLER :condi:: yeah dude i have a life and have aspirations
All American: thats why ur in a hl2rp group
All American: makes sense
All American: LOL OWNED
IHATETYLER :condi:: ?????? what the fuck are you projecting
All American: m-mad?
IHATETYLER :condi:: yeah you have literal autism im sorry
All American: hey you better cool it
All American: ima make ur special ed teacher take ur crayons
IHATETYLER :condi:: oh wow you're an unironic /r9k/ user
IHATETYLER :condi:: wow i cant believe they still exist
IHATETYLER :condi: Mar 5 @ 9:20pm 
you delete comments to preserve your internet rep lmao