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Bunny lf Med+scout: the ozf admins will probs move us up to prem which sucks
Bunny lf Med+scout: wanted to stomp IM

duck @i58: yeah
duck @i58: jnys sub for a prem team
duck @i58: :P

pingu: ik a pocket
Bunny lf Scout+Pocket: who
pingu: u wana trial him
pingu: ?
pingu: O_O
pingu: he doesnt maincall tho
Bunny lf Scout+Pocket: who
pingu: his pretty good

duck @i58: now me and jny just fuck around rolling every team with 6 engis

Luggnuts: My name is fizzle

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OZF15-Open The Doggos (Scout)-Most Improved Team-7th
OZF16-Intermediate -Damage, Inc- (Combo Scout)-2nd
OZF17-Premier-Damage Inc- (Soldier-Pocket)-Last :o
OZF18-intermediate-Different Mentality- (Combo Scout)-6th

Summer Cup-Intermediate-FO THE OPHANS-(Demoman)-idk

UGC-Season 20 6v6-The Doggos-Steel-Somewhere last
UGC-Season 21 6v6-Damage Inc-Steel (Disbanded)
UGC-Season 22 6v6-Dynamic Downies-Steel-(Disbanded)

UGC-Season 19 Highlander Steel-Crippled Cartel-4th
UGC-Season 20 Highlander Steel-Cruppled Cartel-2nd
UGC-Season 21 Highlander Platnium-Crippled Cartel-5th or something

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kaptain Apr 15 @ 6:06am 
pootis POw (stark sucks )
Starkie Mar 18 @ 5:54am 
pootis pow
Pork #Back 6th of May Mar 9 @ 10:25pm 
Good memeZ
pingu Trade Banned Mar 9 @ 9:02pm 
Sorry, it stated in the email
Mikal Mar 9 @ 9:00pm 
10 dollars
but make it 70 dollars to make ur argument remotely useable.
pingu Trade Banned Mar 9 @ 8:58pm 
Thank You Lazz For Your Transaction Of $70, That Will Be 72 Hours Of Mge Mentoring