Logan McCloud   Las Vegas, Nevada, United States
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COMMENT BEFORE YOU SEND AN INVITE. I will not add you if your profile is private. Feel free to join my steam group.

I prefer to talk to content creators. I don't have anything against you if you're not, it's just hard for someone who doesn't go through the same kind of hard work I do to relate to me.
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Caliboom Sep 14 @ 2:40pm 
HeytorxX Aug 27 @ 6:16pm 
u ar amazing man
{SFF} TheEpicCreationYT Aug 6 @ 10:33pm 
hey m8, you know that cuby sf model you made? well i was wondering if you could make an edit where it has a tnt hat like my profile pic, i'm willing to pay, i have a key, if that's not enough then just say so
Alucard Helsing Aug 3 @ 12:49pm 
hey hyper i saw the map u did for garys mod was seeing if you would be willing to do some dits to it and upload it? really enjoy ur map
friends request sent
avɘnue Jul 4 @ 8:34pm 
death by disco is a good effect
thank you for this
Yutorimoyasi Jul 3 @ 12:05am 
Hey, your work looks interesting and it looks like you're a furry. I would love to add and talk to you a little bit. ^^"