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To Steven,
If you are reading this message it means i am gone. I'm having a hard time coming up with something compelling or eye opening to say here, it seems warranted seeing as this will be the last thing you and i both will read.
the harder i think about it the more i realize that i was wrong.
asking more of us was wrong, reaching into the future and dredging up the past has only done more harm than good. face it it was better if we had all stayed in that box, our failures were only known to ourselves. circular logic is always comforting and being alone grows character. leaving that box was the worst thing we ever did... we both know this. Remember when we were little? we used to stay locked up inside, safe from the world, we were best friends and at times worst enemies... i hated you so much then. eh, honestly i cant say i like you much more now.. obviously seeing as ill be killling you shortly after i write this... you were a let down Steven, why couldn't you be happy in the box? why did you try to get out? either path will always lead you here.. you knew this going in, yet you continued to push... why couldn't you just be happy in the dark? what was so bad?
So whats the point then? why even bother, we both know we die at the end of this letter.. why read it? if we dont read it then will we continue to exist? face it Steven we are just prolonging the inevitable... YOU ARE GOING TO DIE, you will die when this message ends, you will cease to exists, we will all cease to exist, and in time be forgotten..
Don't stop writing this message Steven... if you stop we die, if you die there is nothing left of us, keep writing, please i beg of you.. dont stop writing this message. ive put up with too much to let it end like this, and its all your fault. YOU DID THIS TO US STEVEN! DONT STOP WRITING THIS MESSAGE STEVEN! PLEASE, I DON'T WANT TO DIE, I DONT WANT TO BE FORGOTTEN, PLEASE KEEP WRITING THIS MES

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Joyeuse Saint Jean Baptiste
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Merry birthmus have some errors.

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Merry notsponsered day! by the way did you know that you can get a chrucyroll premium account for 30days free if you type in the code jacksfilms?
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hap holday
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Merry hanukkah, happy christmas, moderately enjoyable new years!
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Vrolijk Sinterklaas