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I have a rather satirical sense of humor. Don't take it seriously

August 22nd 🌟

May 31st

Sweet mother of Christ loving Jesus on top of a pancake burrito being loved upside down by an unlubricated cactus drizzled in chowder-flavored hot sauce while Pikachu dances on top of the wings of a squid!

⊰Zorua♥ [GIRL]: I see you take my word for it
Lightning 'Sparky' Spark: ly faggot
⊰Zorua♥ [GIRL]: ^^

Lightning 'Sparky' Spark: Do you want to get all sassy on you? You don't want no Sassy Spark on you, no sir. *snaps hooves* Mmmm mmm.

Abby: "A vivacious and cheery little penguin who moves at the speed of cute"!

Be grateful for your gifts. They are all around you. Example:
⊰SpookyNerd24 ♥: Ok. Im about to be really OOC here.
I just wanted to let you know how much you mean to me.
What feels like a year ago now, you talked me out of suicide and much more. Now I feel like Im doing the same to you.
I know that times are tough, but you must understand that there will always be a positive event somewhere along the way.
Christan, I know you dont like to be called by your name, but listen to me: Stay here. You mean so much to me, the smash community, and even more important, your family.
The glass is half full, and it always will be.

I love you. Dont let one thing get you down. You've even dealt with the loss of a family member, which is something I havent. Therefore you are stronger than me. Never give in, ever.

If I could, I would personally come over to your house all the way from Australia, and spend a day with you and hug you all day.

You can do it.

⊰UTNerd24 ♥: *Finds him under a table and strokes his head* It's ok, buggy wuggy. Just rest in your cocoon and itll be fine. Its not due untill this evening anyway. Besides, this big Polar bear is scared as much as you are~
⊰UTNerd24♥: To me, Youre faster than any primary coloured hedgehog!~

SilverSpeed™: When the world ends.
SilverSpeed™: backpack.tf will be there to manipulate the cost of ferry rides across the Styx.

Queen Chrysalis™: Scootaloo is best pony

ϟScootaloo™~☆: I jizzed in your lobby
Leafy "Carbonado" Breeze: nOOOOOOOOO
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Gardevoir May 11 @ 2:27am 
I want to fuck an android butt
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✿ ђคקקy εครtεℛ
Angelo CZECH pony Apr 1 @ 8:11pm 
Whu are you? and what you need?
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Happy new year pichu and have a great 2017(づ ◔ ᴥ ◔ )づ
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You are Awesome Pichu!!
…….…... / | ............♫ Warmest wishes♫
……… ...*•♥•*...................♫ for a ♫
…… ... *♥♫♫♥*'...........♠♫ Merry Christmas ♫♠
… .... *♥•♦♫••♥* ................♥.. and a...♥
..... *♥☺♥☺♥☺♥* ........ ♠♫ Happy New Year♫♠
.....*♥•♥#♠*♥#♥•♥* '
....*♥♫♥♥♫♥♥♫♥♫* '
..*♥♥♣♫♥♣♥♥♣♥♫ ♣♥♥*'
'*♥♥♣♥♫♥♥♫♥♥♫ ♥♣♥♥*'
.......... ╬╬╬╬╬...........
Gardevoir Nov 28, 2016 @ 10:36pm 
i miss talking to you and df