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Why hello yes my name is Boris the Soviet Love Hammer [thumbs.dreamstime.com] and I wish to showing you a good time and meet the person of my dreams. I am looking for beautiful man or lady person who isn't afraid to get a little crazy. I give you many compliment and treat you to papa john. Not specifically interested in dirty capitalist, but I can make work if you are someone special. We get together and do traditional soviet dating things like drink vodka, or make big bomb and kaboom something. I hope to find nice person who to make big family of 12 mighty children with.

Brushing your teeth is the only chance you'll ever get to clean your skeleton. I know it's not much, but for 2 easy payments I can guarantee your post mortem skeletal remains will be polished to the highest degree in the skeleton cleaning business. No soap-scum or hard water stains left behind, we use raw uncut spaghetii noodles to marinade your bones in preperation for the deep cleaning that we do with our patented Bone Cleaner™. For a faster delivery of our service we can offer you our deluxe package where we inject adrenaline into your left arm and horse tranquilizer into your right arm. This allows for us to remove your skeleton while you're still alive for a pre-death cleaning. After we sedate you and clean your skeleton we slide it right back into your body good as new. Some bones may be displaced slightly during the procedure and we simply can't account for every single bone in your body, so if any are lost we will replace them with the bones of previous clients who didn't survive.

Just call us at (864) 223-7777 and we will be happy to work with to ensure you pick the right package for you. :dog_bone: :bones: :dog_bone:
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You don't know me, you don't pour my cereal. You don't even know how much milk I want in it.

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