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Personal Achievements

Cherry Blossoms Bloom

Complete all Cherry Blossom levels.

Peaceful Bonsai Trimmed

Complete all Bonsai levels.

Momiji Maple Falls

Complete all Momiji levels.

Calm Snow Falls

Complete all Snow levels.

Perfect Balance

Receive a perfect score.

Perfecting Spring

Perfect all Cherry Blossom levels.

The Perfect Summer

Perfect all Bonsai levels.

Autumnal Perfection

Perfect all Momiji levels.

Snow Covered Perfection

Perfect all Snow levels.


Use only one color for an entire board.


Use only one shape for an entire board.

Two Lucky Bamboo Stalks

Use two bamboo tiles in the Spring for a newfound love.

Three Lucky Bamboo Stalks

Use 3 bamboo stalks in Summer to bring happiness, long life, and wealth.

Four Lucky Bamboo Stalks

Use 4 bamboo stalks in Winter. This number is a death wish.

One Pure Flower

Use 1 lotus flower. It stands alone in it's purity.

The Five Elements

Use 5 Yin and Yang symbols in Winter.

Three Gates

Use 3 gates in any season. The gate of wisdom, faith, and compassion. Only in fall.

Wind Blows

Blow the wind 100 times collectively.

Five Mountain System

Use 5 mountain symbols in summer.

Achieve Zen

Get 3 stars in every stage for every season.

Five Fish that Live Longer Than You

Use 5 koi in Winter. May they swim to safe harbor. Only in fall.

Hidden Ninja

Slice 7 tiles at the same time with one blow.