A random Potatle.

Instruments: Violin (rented) Recorder (I forgot I had this for SO SO LONG)

This tree is mine. And only mine!!!
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Favorite game on Steam: Starbound

Favorite game of all time: Starbound

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adp7uet80g7wbnfm08JOasoidqeu0w89tfgtwjae MLG apse8t7uwe98-rf3wu4 wrt589 qjr if your reading this you just got shrekt sodairjuwem9r8QUR798WERBF4shrekwazhurPRUmq0r-aJWed08QUR3QAUQERW- s0ervwmev45[08w w -ten days later- idsaoruw e89o8R79TU 9pwqe U W0T M8?
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Le Trash Bin
Chello there! This is Le Trash Bin, where this peice of trash lives.


How much skill do you have?


^Me in a Deku Nutshell^

Rip Gabe the Dog, you will never be forgotten, your up there with Harambe and the Wow Guy.

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Vincent Jul 8 @ 10:32pm 
sure... then why is it not a link? idk fishy dude....
Thyme Jul 8 @ 9:55pm 
its not a freaking virus link ok? i wouldnt even do that, its not a virus ok? idk how else to explain this? im just trying to be nice,
Vincent Jul 8 @ 8:00pm 
but to add a virus link... that is not a mistake lmao
Thyme Jul 8 @ 6:26pm 
i didnt get a chance to read the link, i was too focused on typing and not making sure the link was correct ok? yes ik what could've happened but jeez, im just trying to be nice and recommend something, and just because its a recomendation doesnt mean you have to try it out ._.
Vincent Jul 8 @ 6:22pm 
the link you sent to the song guide was not

Fucking idiot