My name is Clint "Heroyoush"
Welcome to my profle. I am a gamer and play many games. xD

"I live in the darkest places, where no one ever dared to enter. This is the deepest part of my soul. Complete darkness, waiting to be lightened by the visitors who dared to enter. Nobody dared to enter. I am the Beast that looms in everyone's soul. I am the darkness. You can't lock up the darkness. I am the one waiting for you to crack. I always destroy. In order for me to speak, I must listen. A listener and a speaker. In order for me to love, I must hate. In order for me to create, I must destroy. I am a creator and a destroyer. Such law of balance never lost. I am a beacon in the darkness, yet I am the Beast."

-Heroyoush 6/10/17

My goal for 2017 is to
Achieve the goals of 2016
Which i'd have done in 2015
As i promised in 2014
& Planned in 2013.

Name : Heroyoush
Age : 14 (yes, i am 14 dont be surprised)
Birthday : July 2002
Gender : Why do u even want to know
Hobby : Imagining myself in situations which will never exist
Games : Team Fortress 2
Class I enjoy : All class (mostly spy and engi)
Interest : Games

"If you are a pro player , continue playing and if you are just playing for fun , just quit"

"Enemies are red,Allies are blue
Don't run away so that i can fucking heal you."

"I'm bad and that's good
And i will never be good and that's not bad
There's no one i'd rather be
Than me."

"You're not fat, you're just on the wrong planet."

"Know your "ENEMY" and know yourself and you can "FIGHT" a hundred battles without disaster."

"Humans are the only creature on earth, that cut down a tree, turn it into paper , then write "save trees" on it."
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♤ ProNexX | Apr 27 @ 8:04pm 
What would happen if you dont remember your old friends ? =3
Loop O Ramsay Apr 1 @ 10:55pm 
damn that prof entrance its entertaining :D
★ BuRN0ut 💘 Mar 15 @ 10:31am 
Great person! <3
AdmiralBullshit Mar 13 @ 6:36am 
+rep good trader :)
Skoolatoo Feb 8 @ 7:26pm 
have a nice dayyyyy ''bro''
HYDRA+ Feb 6 @ 11:50pm 
+rep so pro master of spy lawl