Profile picture originally by Matthew Gafford, adapted by me   Texas, United States
disdain /disˈdān/
verb: consider to be unworthy of one's consideration.

my fuckin shit
keyboard : razer black widow v2 chroma (i usually have chroma set to fire)
mouse : redragon m601 centrophorus
headphones : hyperx cloud core
monitor : asus vh238h
pc : partly modified alienware x51 r1 with a founder's nvidia geforce gtx 1060 6gb

claymores in siege are fun

a fellow homo ludens
according to 16personalities, i'm a Logician (INTP-A)
i'm an insensitive, stubborn asshole with good reason, in sharp contrast to rawrie
i'm a pretty retrospective guy, always thinking of how much better things would be for me if i made better choices
i don't really talk a lot

"I built this castle, now we are trapped on the throne
I'm sorry we're alone
I wrote my chapter, you'll turn the page when I'm gone
I hope you'll sing along
This is your song"

Stay Safe, Be Happy. -- 8/21/17

alright, that's enough fancy poetry for now.

why the fuck are you here

i'm a furry.
i'm kinda edgy i guess
i'm just a tad bit of a gun nut and i like to play with knives.
i dislike a vast majority of the automobile industry.
that's about all for now, i guess.

scroll down if you want to see more of this bastard.

".. but what the fuck kind of question is am I happy?
I really wanna try to get happy
and I think that I would get it if I didn't always panic everytime I'm unhappy, like
I'm owed some life where I'm always, like, happy,
which is stupid cuz I wouldn't even want it if I got it, wait..
oh god, my dad was right.

.. you're everything you hated, are you happy?
Hey look ma, I made it.. are you happy?"
- Bo Burnham

Wish You Were Here, Oscar. Rest In Peace 9/21/16

who's this asshole
i'm Hatred fucking Enmity .
i'm a punk rock type of guy.
very spiteful ; i hate a lot of people.
if it's metal or rock , it's likely a song i'll enjoy
i really love watching Bojack Horseman , one of the only shows i sincerely enjoy. it's a damn masterpiece.
freelancer ; i am not and will never be affiliated with any esports groups. i prefer to make kids salty by myself or with pals.
loves listening to many authors, from Eminem to Frank Sinatra to Avenged Sevenfold

anyway, nothing much more to say about myself. fuck off already.
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-Rep. I asked for a cup of "Souls of the Damned" and he gave me a Smoothie.
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Do you read sutter cane?
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i played uno and got a green card
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You have commited crimes against 'Merica and her people. What do you say in your defense?
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rawrawrwarwar who drew ur profile picture