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Before adding me, please comment the reason below. Otherwise, your request will be denied.
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Welcome to my profile.
Just a few tips before you add me.

- Never beg or offer some random things for its full price to me. If I want to buy it, I will directly make a contact with you and begging will just mean an instant block.

- Avoid adding me, especially when I’m offline or away. Trade offers are your best friends as my bot will accept it immediately if you put correct amount of pure. But when Steam trade offer is laggy, feel free to add me.

- If you want to pay in items, make sure that you are able to afford a big overpay. I only consider Refined Metal, Keys (from TF2, DotA 2 and CSGO), Earbuds, Max’s Severed Head, Australium weapons as pure.

- Don’t ask me to leave +rep on your profile after a normal trade, it’s just a big waste of time as those reps means nothing. If you do so, I will just ignore you. Also, don't expect +rep in return. But if we have just done a trade which involves real-life money, feel free to ask me for +rep (only if I go first).

About me

- One of the top price suggesters and contributers of
- A donator of
- A donator of SteamRep.
- An ordinary TF2 and DotA2 player.
- An ordinary trader.
- I don't even play CSGO (I only downloaded it to inspect CSGO skins, lel)
- I have only spent 5$ on Steam (fight me, Gaben)
- The amount of death in TF2: 41921

Most of time, I'm only online because I have a bot to sell my stuffs for me so pardon me if I don't reply to ya. Also, I usually just close all the chats when I get back so if you want to tell me something, please just leave a comment on my profile.
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Em🎄♥ Dec 7 @ 6:17am 
we used to trade
GoldBear Oct 25 @ 7:37am 
come recon fast dude. they unpause bane come recon back
David Sep 24 @ 5:35pm 
danđ danh sao afk the bro, lam team thua, ki qua~
RAW SAUCE, NO KETCHUP Jul 23 @ 2:03am 
mai bọn t qua nhé ông, rảnh cả ngày không?
Hoxxy | Cashing out PP Jul 18 @ 8:15am 
Trade reasons.