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func_vehicle is a right not a privilege

Info and Memes below
eZF/ stands for eZfraGGin (a work in progress team/clan i own)
i love dods lol
im a shitty dods pubstar
♥ juni ♥
ebic discord server [discord.gg]
i am the kennys of roblox
csgo rank: MG2


junior: if you don't die by a rocket, it's by a grenade. if you don't die by a grenade, it's by an mg. if you don't die by an mg, it's by an assault. if you don't die by an assault, you die by suicide.

2nd rb is shit and johnson has extreme autism

I am hot addict crazy girl that loves to play video games and twitch and roooobloooooxxx dont be shy lets talk and add me as a friend you wont regret it ;)

Yeah I said it. Vac-never-happens-banned. The cheats never get banned from steam because that is against the corporate model. The only time I see bans are when server admins ban people. Sadly I have made a number of blog posts explaining how cheating can happen in my favourite and only game DOD:S and even demonstrated how it can go undetected. Still people post these time-wasting clips that are beyond cheating, you may as well run a server that allows wall-hacks, pistol-roll and anything else that gets you off. That way you can see who is the better player between the cheating scum that pretend to be elite. I would join that server just to show you that you are just terrible gamers. BTW no one will make that server because the scum don't want to be owned. Respect to all who read this that do not bother cheating. Go to the FFC on DOD, SM6 (gungame), MOD, and Devil Dogs on DOD:S for a reasonable game.

im a big boy now


you're an ugly little Italian cunt go eat your pizza and fuck the box too

hey gamer guys and gals i paly mincratf and rolbox plz ad d me i am xXinathan2009Xx

yes i am 1337 hax0r!!11!211231

@TKO TZU@: ham saw yr profile online/u child molester
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thanks for the compliment bro, its rare to see players like you in dods nowadays
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Great playing against you man. your a natural born killer lol