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"I'm just a simple man trying to make my way in the universe."- Jango Fett

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Current Theme: A Picture Of Me

Hi there, I'm HarryG!
I'm a collector of rarities.
If I'm not advertising that something is for sale, it is not for sale.
No free stuff.
I will respect you if you don't do anything that crosses me or wastes my time.
I'm just a simple man trying to make my way in the universe.

Other achievements of mine:
Blue belt suggestor on backpack.tf
Unusual broker (I only charge 1 percent of the item's price!)
Official comment moderator of Ravenholmzombies' Steam profile (Ha ha)
Proud to have NEVER been outbid on any Collector's hat, ever.
My Zombies Records [zombierecords.com]
My Unfunny Youtube channel
Quotes From Friends And Fools Alike [pastebin.com]
I went to the World Series at Wrigley Field the year the Chicago Cubs ended the longest championship drought in sports history.

Regarding Impersonation
Impersonating me is not practical or intelligent. If it's not a narcissistic cynic with over 30 Collector's cosmetics than it's not me.
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This is just another item showcase. Nothing I own is for sale unless it is being advertised as such.
My Collection and Interesting Facts
Highlights of my collection:
Every Genuine in the game, including the elusive Nabler
1/1 Forever Collector's Graybanns (Crafted by me)
1/2 Forever Collector's Buccaneer's Bicorne
1/1 Collector's Conquistador (Crafted by me)
1/1 Forever Collector's Surgeon's Side Satchel
1/2 Collector's Escapist
1/2 Forever Collector's Outdoorsman (Crafted by me)
1/1 Collector's Whirly Warrior
1/1 Collector's Itsy Bitsy Spyer (Crafted by me)
1/1 Forever Collector's Fed-Fightin' Fedora
1/1 Forever Collector's Wet Works
1/1 Forever Collector's Heavy Duty Rag
1/2 Collector's Stately Steel Toe (Crafted by me, put all 200 into it)
1/2 Forever Collector's Industrial Festivizer
1/1 Collector's Carouser's Capotain
1/2 Forever Collector's Doctor Sack (Crafted by me, put all 200 into it)
1/2 Forever Collector's Pocker Purrer
1/1 Forever Collector's Officer's Ushanka
1/1 Forever Collector's Texas Slim's Dome Shine (Crafted by me)
1/2 Forever Collector's Scout Shako
1/1 Collector's Backwards Ballcap (Crafted by me)
1/1 Forever Collector's Your Worst Nightmare
1/1 Forever Collector's Birdcage
1/1 Forever Collector's Dead of Night
1/4 Collector's Gold Digger
1/3 Forever Collector's Rogue's Col Roule
1/2 Forever Collector's Front Runner
1/1 Forever Collector's Argyle Ace
1/1 Forever Collector's Delinquent's Down Vest Chemistry Set
1/1 Forever Collector's Federal Casemaker
1/1 Forever Collector's Backbiter's Billycock
1/1 Forever Collector's Noble Amassment of Hats
1/1 Forever Collector's Grimm Hatte Chemistry Set
1/1 Forever Collector's Dr's Dapper Topper
1/1 Forever Collector's Brigade Helm (crafted by me)
1/2 Forever Collector's Nanobalaclava (crafted by me)
1/1 Forever Collector's Air Raider
Clean Glitched Circuit Board and Fireproof Secret Diary
Every item from the Gun Mettle Cosmetics Collection
Every item from both Invasion Case Collections
Every item from the Gargoyle Collection
Every item from the Creepy Crawly Collection
Every item from the Tough Break Cosmetic Collection
Every item from the Mayflower Cosmetic Collection
Every item from the Winter 2016 Cosmetic Collection
1/2 Haunted Phantasm Battin' a Thousand
Clean Sunbeams Batter's Helmet
Clean Midnight Whirlwind Schadenfreude
Multiple Strangified Achievement Items, Including Horsemann's Head, Monoculous, Skull Island Topper, Ghastly Gibus, and Mildly Menacing Halloween Mask
Clean Vintage Fan O'War, Concheror, and Bill's Hat
Clean Collector's Bat Outta Hell and Conscientous Objector
Clean Smissmas Caribou
Every Craftable Unique item from Halloween 2011
Every Craftable Unique item from Halloween 2012
Strange Battery Canteens that don't count anything
The first Strange Bonk Helm to be unboxed
The first Class Crown to be unboxed
Bill's Hat gifted by kitty0706

Formerly owned cool stuff:
Collector's Das Hazmattenhatten Chemistry Set
1/1 Forever Collector's Virtual Viewfinder
1/1 Collector's Egghead Overalls
Vintage Ghastlierest Gibus
Cloudy Moon Grimm Hatte

Stuff I've Successfully Brokered
See my thread here!

Interesting Facts about Me
First Hat Drop: Flamboyant Flamenco
First Hat Crafted: Copper's Hard Top
Most Expensive Item Uncrated: Taunt: Pool Party
First Strange: Dead Ringer
First Unusual: Memory Leak Plumber's Pipe
First Vintage: Jarate
First Collector's: Bonk! Atomic Punch
First Collector's Cosmetic: Virtual Viewfinder
First Decorated Weapon: American Pastoral (Field Tested)
First Genuine: Brain Bucket
First Unique: Mercenary (duh)
First Haunted: Griffin's Gog
First Trade: March 13, 2012
My first trade was with https://steamcommunity.com/id/daltonbanana and I traded my Unique Blutsauger, Southern Hospitality, and Reserve Shooter for his Unique Solemn Vow, Liberty Launcher and Sharpened Volcano Fragment

Other Weird Tidbits:
I've had the same Blighted Beak since April 15, 2012. It is tied with my Vintage Camera Beard for the item that has been in my inventory the longest, and out of respect I will probably keep it that way.

I now own at least one completed Collector's Hat set for every class.

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ln(e)-a-Bee May 22 @ 11:17pm 
Well I hope you manage them all (Could I possibly undercut others with my price since 15 keys seems a very generous amount)
HarryG Is Running In The 90's May 22 @ 11:06pm 
It's too late, the amount of invites I got today makes me want to give my inventory to RCpilot12
ln(e)-a-Bee May 22 @ 10:10pm 
Hope I didin't lose the job while I was sleeping, would love to discuss the terms (unless it's too late).
Swagman! May 22 @ 6:51pm 
wait bro i stuck my dick in the url box and it did nothing
Swagman! May 22 @ 6:50pm 
Thanks a lot man, have a good day.