ur alcoholic father
Reykjavik, Iceland
Hafficool: hello
HoRt3R: Hey! How are you?
HoRt3R: The reason why i added you is i want to trade with you! :)
HoRt3R is now Online.
HoRt3R: Dude
HoRt3R: I want to trade
Hafficool: are you fucking mentally deranged
HoRt3R: WHy you remove me
HoRt3R: ?
HoRt3R: I want to trade
HoRt3R: You Famas Pulse
Hafficool: i dont give a fuck
HoRt3R: For my Stattrak p250 hive
Hafficool: please
HoRt3R: Oh god...
Hafficool: fucking trader
HoRt3R: ARe you a drug dealer or something?
Hafficool: what
HoRt3R: You should be nicer you fking drug dealer
HoRt3R: You taking drugs all the time?
HoRt3R: Listen to your self?
HoRt3R: Just say... Sry bro i dont want to trade anything
Hafficool: no
Hafficool: fuck off
HoRt3R: Dont say FUCK YOU AND GO AWAY and then remove
Hafficool: i just removed
Hafficool: didnt tell you to fuck off
HoRt3R: Well Fuck you African porn filmer
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rkt Oct 23 @ 1:20pm 
mmmmmmmmmmassive retard. enjoy your 30 min ban :-*
.richard bale Aug 7 @ 9:54pm 
+rep top 3 OW player in Iceland
vorfreude Aug 6 @ 12:24pm 
how cool would be if instead of adding you for signing someone added u for singing and then theyd proceed to sing a love song for u
Profile name Jul 27 @ 6:31pm 
added for signing
Frómi Jul 9 @ 4:45pm 
Góður og flottur strákur
carnifex :3 Jun 23 @ 4:07am 
i added u for sign my item