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Abhijeet   Vatican City State (Holy See)
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Pc Information :
Graphics card : Gtx 1080 strix (oced to 2080 mhz)
Cpu : i7 4790k
Motherboard : Gigabyte z97x soc force
Cpu Cooler : Cooler master neptune
Storage : 1 samsung 850 evo 120 Gb ssd (boot drive)
: 1 samsung 750 evo 250 Gb ssd
: 2 wd Black 1Tb
Psu : cooler master g750m Gold Rated
Case : corsair 750d <3

Personal Info :
Age : 16
Sex : yes
Name : Abhijeet
Orientation : Straight
Picture : me :) [2no.co]

Current Rank: Supreme Master First Class
Favourite Rifle: AK47
Favourite SMG: MP9
Favourite Pistols: USP-S,Deagle

⇒Silver I → ✓
⇒Silver II → ✓
⇒Silver III → ✓
⇒Silver IV → ✓
⇒Silver V → ✓
⇒Silver Elite → ✓
⇒Silver Elite Master → ✓

⇒Gold Nova I → ✓
⇒Gold Nova II → ✓
⇒Gold Nova III → ✓
⇒Gold Nova Master → ✓

⇒Master Guardian I → ✓
⇒Master Guardian II → ✓
⇒Master Guardian Elite → ✓
⇒Distinguished Master Guardian → ✖

⇒Legendary Eagle → ✖
⇒Legendary Eagle Master → ✖

⇒Supreme Master First Class → ✖
⇒The Global Elite → ✖

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last played on Apr 28
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Megu [LFP] Apr 25 @ 1:26am 
Added to ask about something
An Innocent Cop. Apr 22 @ 11:36am 
Yes i love curry too. Thanks. I don't eat pork thanks.
Cl4Ys Apr 22 @ 11:19am 
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An Innocent Cop. Apr 22 @ 10:53am 
can I join server without mumble?
Pencil person Apr 18 @ 9:42am 
aY yO dO nOt JuMp mE aT nIGhtt im gonna pAss by YoUr neIghhbourh00d
Cl4Ys Apr 14 @ 9:06pm