Guilherme Castilho   Brazil

It's all about me & gaming!
Welcome on my Steam Profile. Enjoy your stay!

I am here to have fun and talk to my friends, just send me a chat message and I will always reply.


WARNING!!! or disturb for free block permanent x)
-Do not send any link or advertising
-Do not send/ask for "rep" comments
-Beggars, Scammers, Phishers, Idiots
-Do not ask me for free games or whatever pointless shit you are looking for
-No Private Profiles
-Do not trade with me unless if it is a fair one
-Most important rule: Do not, and I repeat DO NOT, invite me to any random game, especially CSGO, any of this will result in a BLOCK!
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How my team push long door

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KruéxeN 24 Απρ 2016 στις 3:44μμ 
+rep trader :)
griM 13 Σεπ 2015 στις 3:15μμ 
+rep fair trader
Castilho CSGODUCK.COM 5 Σεπ 2015 στις 5:17μμ 
+rep great trader. fast trade
ALO MOLIERES OF THE LIGHTS 7 Ιουν 2015 στις 5:15μμ 
+REP good trader
g3x - felps | CSGOPick.com 22 Δεκ 2014 στις 7:12πμ 
+rep Good trader. Nice man
LArbalete 3 Δεκ 2014 στις 11:07πμ 
+rep Good trader. Thanks