Side|Effect merc: i broke my hips to blow my own horn
Genmix: like I am Kawaii in the streets, but a senpai in the sheets
Permzilla | you little bitch i swear to god im gonna fight you at LAN if you dont donate

cool_gamer12345: ill kill you
cool_gamer12345: i was talking to someone about childish gambino
cool_gamer12345: but instead of gambino
cool_gamer12345: i said gubbino
cool_gamer12345: and now they think im retarded
cool_gamer12345: well i am
cool_gamer12345: but i dont want people thinking it

d.: every time i fuck a girl, it feels like i'm trying to force a railway sleeper into the ear of a tiny little mouse

AM - vertex² » hofy B): becuse i want that hair you got
"mouse1 isn't working" - sparkLe on healing enemies
Vladi: im so awful in bed

Old_Grandma: man u just mad cuz u got the reverse-michael jackson disease
Old_Grandma: turning more nigg every second

worms and plastic minnows: also i was listening to duran duran earlier
worms and plastic minnows: and hear the lyric 'a mystery gaping inside'
worms and plastic minnows: and thought of you

* never trust a hoe changed name to (1)gubbins
waitv : another gubbins!?
waitv : like a wetdream :$

Jonny: You're about as useful as Anne Frank's drum kit
kaidus: man i just got cat worm grease on my fingers brb

Gubbins: how long u been veggie 4?
Old_Grandma: umm
Old_Grandma: 9 years
Old_Grandma: but i stil eat da pussay
Old_Grandma: no qeestions asked

si^ :3: I has a masssive right arm
si^ :3: because i wank too much

omnibombulator.qmt4: I can eat like 20 vaginas but not even 1 creme egg
Arcy: Why won't you share your penis??? What are you??????? GAAAAY?

shelikesitdefault: da fuck
shelikesitdefault: I SLAM
shelikesitdefault: U SLAM
shelikesitdefault: WE ALL SLAM FOR ISLAM

Old_Grandma: okay
Old_Grandma: let me clarify
Old_Grandma: I would let her massage my penis untill climax

Numlocked: no
» i really cba playing tf2 atm
Player Epsilon numlocked * Fragnet has joined the game

Omni: Did you know I was in many films such as "Action Figure Story" as Bazz Lughtyoor and I was in House Imporvemant

Old_Grandma: i havnt eaten pussy in so long
Old_Grandma: im technically a virgin again

Dewote: Guuse, your entire life is a bind

worms and ps2 controller: kayki: engi of parots gamer is my pocket !
kayki: <3
kayki: go mumble
worms and ps2 controller: people genuinely recognize me as a highlander engineer
worms and ps2 controller: this is your fault
Gubbins S|E: LMFAO
Gubbins S|E: "engi of parots gamer"
worms and ps2 controller: parots gamer vs ssnds for the highlondon finals

Alex (1): they should call you
Alex (1): huggins
Alex (1): because i want to hug you

kaidus: Carthew balletic the
kaidus: #voicerecognition
Gubbins: D:D
kaidus: That was supposed to say "lol you bellend" mic picking up breathing sam mic too close
iam in the club high on purp: iam just arroused sry

Old_Grandma: How I make scientist hillbilly create tiny robo-cop
Old_Grandma: how i make dentist shiny?
Old_Grandma: How I make fireman do street fighter move?
Old_Grandma: wat u dont undetstand

Stark62 : my fucking boner is so hard right now holy shit its like a piece of asteroid

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Old_Grandma Dec 30, 2016 @ 6:53am 
You get hit by the drawbridge, innit.
Old_Grandma Dec 15, 2016 @ 2:36pm 
you have been hit by

dat means ur one of us now

repost this to 5 of ur fav niggas or u'll be banished
Guuse Dec 13, 2016 @ 6:59am 
I'm not dead. steam was just a bully.
Translucent Feces Dec 9, 2016 @ 11:47am 
FROYO Nursey # Dec 2, 2016 @ 6:42pm 
Thank you
EngiTurtle Nov 28, 2016 @ 10:20am 
+rep "Keep the positive vibes" :33