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Posted: Mar 20 @ 7:08pm
Updated: Mar 20 @ 7:12pm
Product received for free

Suddenly appeared in my library, was very surprised.

Even at the first and fast glance it's already pretty obvious that this is the defenitive version of Serious Sam games.
Basically, they've decided to merge and update all the recent Serious Sam titles, HD and VR, into one pipeline ( Like Valve did with Half-Life 2 and episodes with SteamPipe update ), where they can update and enhance everything at the same time, without having a need to jump around from old to a new version of an engine. You'll get Serious Sam HD/Second Ecounter HD + Serious Sam 3 ( and VR games ) on the latest version of Serious Engine, which includes a support for several API's ( DX11, OpenGL, Vulkan ), better visuals, better menus, even more configurations, bugfixes, smooth transition between SSHD and SS3 without having to reload game, updated/fixed models/meshes/animations/sounds/textures and all of this is for free, as long as you own any of the games which are listed in description.

This is a brilliant move from Croteam to not let down those, who doesn't own VR to get the latest engine/content updates for HD Serious Sam and SS3. Thank you Croteam <3

Now can we have an HD version of Serious Sam 2, please? c:
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Devil (Too Lazy) Nov 30 @ 5:32pm 
But SS2 was shit
christmas darkcoolyo Apr 3 @ 1:01pm 
Splendid review!
Dark TIE Apr 2 @ 12:05am 
Serious Sam 2 will not have its Fusion version, due to problems. You'll instead get a separate remake, from what I read by one of Croteam's developers.
Izumi Sena Mar 22 @ 2:42pm 
yeah and in serious sam 2 hd fix the checkpoints, they skip you to the next section sometimes, its a bug that happens when you play with the extra life mechanic probably inspired by awesome arcade games
James Mar 21 @ 8:00am 
ya, Serious Sam 2 <3