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A fantastic, often overlooked gem of a game, and an okay remaster. Played through whole campaign again, What's new :

Better visuals :
  • Lighting,sometimes subtle, sometimes very noticable and gorgeous looking, game doesn't look flat in quite a few scenes anymore, overall great upgrade.

  • Mesh/Level edits, that area where you get sniper rifle for a first time, those background structures are not a texture anymore, they're real models, this applies to quite a few open areas, where distant objects look a lot better, even scenery props and models have somewhat updated look to them. Same goes for level clutter, there's more of it.

  • Better shadow quality, more shadow casting light sources,

  • Color correction,

  • Some sort of neat looking HDR implementation,

  • Per-object motion blur, or something close to it,

  • Better/hi-res texture work, blood decals don't look like someone sharted them onto photoshop anymore and overall world/character texture detail look great,

  • Possibly the most recent version of Unreal Engine 3.5/UDK, not UE4, but oh well, it's still holds up and looks very pretty even to this day.
Gameplay features :
  • Configurable FPS cap up to 240fps,
  • FOV slider up to 100 degrees,
  • No ♥♥♥♥♥♥ black bars when using ultra widescreen or uncommon resolutions,
  • You can enable/disable mouse smoothing without needing to dig into .ini files,
  • Few options for playing with a gamepad, autoaim, auto lock ( don't ),
  • End game mode ( overkill mode ), where you have all weapons unlocked from the start + carry all weapons at once + if you complete all skillshots for weapon it has unlimited ammunition ( can be toggled ), dream came true if you ask me.

New Content :
  • Few new multiplayer/echo/coop maps,

  • Somewhat cheaply made Duke Nuken DLC - Grayson Hunt replacement for some "unholy cash-in on dead franchise" reason, just let Duke die whilst he's still a hero, or at least be bothered to re-do his facial mocap and care to edit/reshoot audo lines of other characters, because they're still calling him Gray. Don't get me wrong, I ♥♥♥♥ing love Duke, even DNF, but seeing Duke playing out of character in a lot of scenes and getting not enough attention to justify the price hurts my rotten soul, Jesus Christ Gearbox, what are you doing.

What's worse :
    Very few graphical options, you can't tweak AA, or enable/disable motion blur, configure shadow details, probably going to be fixed soon.Initial price, 50$ or your regional equivalent.

Conclusion :

It pains me to say this, since I am a huge People Can Fly fan, but if you're having a debate where you are torn between buying and not buying this remaster then just get it on sale, where it's -30-40% off or close to it. It's all really comes to price, that's the main "no-no" factor for a lot of people. For current price ( 50$ or your regional equivalent ) it is hard to recommend for someone, who's already played the♥♥♥♥♥♥out of Bulletstorm. So, unless you're a die hard Bulletstorm fan and desperate Duke Nukem fan like me, or if you just want to replay this game with better visuals and features + support People Can Fly, don't buy it at full price.

Because of the reasons above and because I am a huge ♥♥♥♥ing looser who really enjoyed this remaster I do recommend this game, as long as you've read my conclusion and you really into new stuff and visuals like me.
Posted April 7. Last edited April 7.
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Suddenly appeared in my library, was very surprised.

Even at the first and fast glance it's already pretty obvious that this is the defenitive version of Serious Sam games.
Basically, they've decided to merge and update all the recent Serious Sam titles, HD and VR, into one pipeline ( Like Valve did with Half-Life 2 and episodes with SteamPipe update ), where they can update and enhance everything at the same time, without having a need to jump around from old to a new version of an engine. You'll get Serious Sam HD/Second Ecounter HD + Serious Sam 3 ( and VR games ) on the latest version of Serious Engine, which includes a support for several API's ( DX11, OpenGL, Vulkan ), better visuals, better menus, even more configurations, bugfixes, smooth transition between SSHD and SS3 without having to reload game, updated/fixed models/meshes/animations/sounds/textures and all of this is for free, as long as you own any of the games which are listed in description.

This is a brilliant move from Croteam to not let down those, who doesn't own VR to get the latest engine/content updates for HD Serious Sam and SS3. Thank you Croteam <3

Now can we have an HD version of Serious Sam 2, please? c:
Posted March 20. Last edited March 20.
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Early Access Review
A fantastic utility to convert your lame desktop into something amazing, using videos, gifs, scenes, and even games as a desktop background/wallpaper. CPU friendly, extended list of options, made by someone who knows what he's doing.

Huge selection of stuff in workshop section, though 90% of it is infested with weebs, little animu girls with huge♥♥♥♥♥♥in panties, little animu girls with barely covered lude body parts, animu cosplays, animu music videos, waifus and meme gifs. gotta dig through garbago fellas. God help those sad, sad peoples o>

11/10, 1 point extra for my own study in researching the amount of weebs on steam.
Posted March 8. Last edited March 8.
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This is my second review, first one, 2015 budget pc salt edition is here :

( http://pastebin.com/ATqLf79t )

If you want to hear something else, but performance report, here's an amazing review by
Gondamar : http://steamcommunity.com/id/gondamar/recommended/225540/


TL;DR version :

If you liked previous 2 games, own a decent gaming build, then buy XL version of this if it's on sale. You can try to get this game if you have less powerful rig, but only at your own risk and ability to refund it if any problems arise. Here's my "recomended specs" :
( i5-i7 4th gen and up ) ,
Over 8gb of ram ( 12-16 ),
Decent gpu ( with over 2gb of vram ).

If it still runs bad ( that is uncommon, but possible ) : refund it.


Full :

Welp, this game came a long way since it's release, not a performace wise mind you, but with amount of content and a cool stuff you get from XL edition. New storylines, new guns, new vehicles, new missions, new islands, jetpack, it's all good fun, especially if you get it on sale ( which i do recommend ).

While it's all well and good, this game runs abysmal on budgets gaming systems ( and sometimes on real gaming pc's ). It took me a substantial upgrade to finally and truly enjoy this game. I had this game on day one ( and then got a refund ), and apart from initial graphical glitches it ran absolutely horrible, stuttered every 2 seconds, slowed down time, skipped frames.

My old sytem was :

AMD Athlon x4 860k @3.8Ghz
r9 380 2gb
8gb of DDR3 Ram at 1866Mhz.

Whatever system specs page says is a bull, you cannot run this game smoothly at 8gb of ram. After relatively short amount of time game will get well over 8gb of ram, for me it's ~9.1gb of ram ( with nothing but steam running on background ) after 10 minutes of play. Here's some data from MSI Afterburner ( RivaTuner ) :


You can see that game chews up almost 9gb of ram after just a few minutes of playtime, and it will get worse, ~10gb after few hours if you travel a lot. Not only that, but CPU load is 100% on all 4 cores at relatively empty area with nothing going on.

Same goes for VRAM, i've tested this game on my old r9 380, it plays well, but again, after some time game will chew up more than 2gb of vram even at 768p.

Next one is CPU requirement. This game is brutal when it comes to CPU, i own no game that loads up CPU to 100% at most of the times ( even gta 5 doesn't do that ), except Cities : Skylines, which is a huge city simulator. But i can see why that is. There's a lot of going on in this game, a lot of realtime physics simulations, AI, huge detailed explosions and other particle effects, physics based destruction, all of that is really hard to pull off. So make sure you have decent CPU to handle it all. I might suggest that my CPU ( i5 4570s ) might be a little bit too weak in super complex exploding action situations, consider it as a minimum when you pick up this game.

As for GPU, well, it's hard to tell, just make sure you have something decent and have over 2gb of vram, it doesn't matter AMD or Nvidia, though Nvidia cards run this game better.


Oh, yeah, game is very fun too, if you liked previous game you'll like this one too quite a bit. Even though unlocking upgrades system will drive you mad at first.

Hope this helped, if you ever pick this game up, then have fun c:

If you want to hear something else, but performance report, here's an amazing review by
Gondamar : http://steamcommunity.com/id/gondamar/recommended/225540/

Posted December 1, 2016. Last edited December 4, 2016.
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Enter the Gungeon : Quest for Level 4

It's really hard to recommend this one actually, if you want to torture yourself and feel miserable in the best way possible - go for this game.

If you die - it's your own goddamn fault for not paying attention to a bullet hell or piece of furniture in which you stuck. This game is very RNG based, it can screw your entire run, which it does 9 out of 10 times. Either you get no drops, or the first level rooms are bullet hell madness. Everything is a scarce, ammo, keys, currency. Shops are very expensive too, and 5 out of 10 times contain stuff you don't even need.

So, by learning all that, your only weapon is your skill, reflexes and dexterity, don't rely much on items in this game.
Nonetheless this game can be quite fun sometimes, beating a boss feels very satisfying, exploring randomized maps and finding new stuff is great, guns ( if you get one ) are fun to use, there's a lot of reference and pun based guns, some guns even require precice timing and proper handling. Artstyle is amazing, music is wonderful, sound desing is great too. The only thing that can put you off is RNG.

In conclusion - if you're looking for a very challenging rogue-lite skill based game, which doesn't rely on items heavily and bundles pleasant video&audio style - go for it. Otherwise you might find it unfair and annoying. I'd recommend watching few playthroughts of this game before buying, to see if it suits you.
Posted April 9, 2016.
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This is actually a pretty good DLC. It's made with love, care and great attention to details. Basically it's not just "here's some snow, now ♥♥♥♥♥ off", but it's very competent for what it is. There is an additional challenge. Heat needs to be added if you want to reduce the overall power consumption ( which is another challenge ).

Snow affects the environment and traffic, you need to hire snow plows, which clean the snow both visually and technically. Snow does gradually covers the buildings and roads, it's not just lazy shader edit, it's visually very well made, i think most of the stuff might be a custom models. Cars are snowy, people are in warm clothes, if you build a slide or ski park - you can actually see the people do related to the park activities. Snowy weather looks fantastic, aurora borealis is something infinitely to look at, combine that with night time and that's really an eye pleasing display. It's just satisfying to look at. The trams is a great addition too, always loved to build them in SimCity 4 with NAM or in SimCity 5 for just visual aesthetics.

It has more than paid After Dark stuff has to offer. Just remember - snow is not a dynamic map feature, it's a separate map featue, it will work only on snow type maps. If you want very well made snowy stuff that is a charming to look at, and trams in your game - it's well worth it, if not - you'll get some stuff like rain and fog weather for free, as well as few other minor things, but not snow and trams.

Posted February 18, 2016. Last edited February 18, 2016.
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This is not your typical C&C by any means, the rumors say that this was EA's attempt to push C&C to eSports, but because market was overwhelmed by MOBAs and other quality RTS games, they decided to slap 4 and ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE story on it to lure in loyal C&C fans, and the final product we have now does look and play exactly like it was initially planned to be. The only reason i give this game a positive rating is because i had a tons of fun and positive memories playing it with my friends in coop/compstomp and just skirmish with AI. If you play this game without thinking about past C&C games, it's actually fine, runs great, plays great, looks great. Let's do a breakdown :

Reasons to buy it ( only if it's on huge sale and you are desperate ) :

- Tons of fun in COOP with friends or vs AI alone.
- Very pretty environmental/map design.
- Sometimes it's very challenging.
- Visuals.
- 5v5 players possible.

Reasons to avoid it and tell me that i am stupid for giving it a positive rating :

- Abysmal plot written by a madman in a few hours. Probably taken from DeviantArt fanfiction section.
- Questionable units design.
- Horrible FMV actors performance.
- There is almost no way to beat campaign alone, it's designed to be beaten in COOP.
- Unit cap.
- Has almost nothing to do with C&C, hence no base building or tiberium harvesting.
- The ending cutscene ( which is the finale of whole C&C series presumably ) is so horrible that you might want to kys after it.
- Most of the super/special weapons feel weak.
- You need to unlock units in order to use them.

If reasons to avoid it don't scare you + it's on a huge sale and you have a friend to play it with - then you might want to get it just for collection and full playthrough with people you know. If you're looking for extra content for it - don't. Game doesn't have mod support, but it does have few custom maps.

But if you want some more good old C&C - don't get it, it's not C&C, it won't be fun for you, infact it might leave you with few dead brain cells, just like me.
Posted February 6, 2016. Last edited February 6, 2016.
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Don't let the "modern DLC" situation scare you, this plays and feels like a fully fledged game. It contains full, story driven campaign ( separated into days like in postal 2 ) with proper voice acting from both new and original postal 2 team, it has tons of new items, it looks prettier ( less empty ), it has huge amount of exploration opportunities and without spoiling anything major it has both voice actors of Dude from Postal 2 and Postal 3, but it's up to you to figure out how they managed to mix them together. If you liked Postal 2 - this will be your jam.
Posted November 2, 2015.
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You don't need a ton of time in this game to truly understand how good this game is. Long story short - if you're a fan of SimCity 1 and SimCity 4 and were dissapointed with SimCity 2013 - this is what you've waited for. You can say that this game is community called Sim City 5, because this is more of Sim City that Sim City 2013. It playes well, it runs well, maps are huge and expandable, it's sometimes hard, but as soon as you get used to it- you're good to go. Yet it lacks some non critical stuff, like terraforming in Mayor mode and day and night cycle. I really desire to see those implemented in future updates if that is even possible. Everything else is a mix of SimCity 1 and 4 with tons of cool additions, like districts, resource system, sound pollution, few new services, it's a great mix i must admit. Developers also care about modmakers, they supplied us with object editor, map editor and implemented steam workshop, this will give a huge lifespan to this game. It's also not that expensive, so if you really want to get the best city building simulator for this year - this is your choice.
Posted March 10, 2015.
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