Gunship Mark II
Donets'ka Oblast', Ukraine
I make things.
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Source, GoldSRC, SAGE and SAGE 2.0 modmaker, aspiring particle effects artist

- Not taking help requests right now, because I am busy most of my time , your best hope is to find someone else for now, sorry.

Projects I'm currently working on ( in order )

-Private Source Engine based game x2.

-Half-Life 2 : MMod.

-Command And Conquer : Generals Evolution.

Misc info

- My Artwork Showcase section is my current "portfolio", if you want to see what kind of stuff i do you can check it out.

PC :

Intel i5 4570s @ 2.9 Ghz
Gigabyte GeForce GTX 1060 WindForce 2X OC 6144MB
Kingston HyperX Fury DDR3 16 gb @ 1866MHz
ASRock Z97 Anniversary
DeepCool GAMMAXX 300
Chieftec GPS-650A8 650 W

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[ Source Engine ] Combine-ified Gluon Gun Effect ( WiP )
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waki márc. 10., 16:51 
a friend
Doomguy febr. 1., 13:22 
Ah, damn....thanks for the quick reply though.
Gunship Mark II febr. 1., 13:21 
Most of the coding features and well as custom weapons, gore and particle effects won't work, only texture replacements will.
Doomguy febr. 1., 13:20 
I am curious as to how to get FEAR MMOD to work on FEARS expansion packs, by any chance could you help....great mod, by the way.
Gunship Mark II jan. 27., 5:39 
Thank you c:
HamsterUltraViolence jan. 27., 5:38 
F.E.A.R. MMod is beautiful ! Great Job !