Gunship Mark II
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Source, GoldSRC, SAGE and SAGE 2.0 modmaker, particle effects artist, i think

- Not taking help requests, because i am busy most of my time, your best hope is to find someone else, sorry.

- If you still want my help with something for some reason : i won't work for free, but i won't ask much, just so you know. I helped enough mods for free for several years, i don't want to do this anymore. I still help with small requests, but not if you want me to work your mod. I don't have much time to spare. All my mods are free though, don't get my freelance job and my personal work confused.

- My Artwork Showcase section is my current "portfolio", if you want to see what kind of stuff i do you can check it out.

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[ Source Engine ] Fuel/Napalm/Barrel explosion FX ( WiP )
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Brandon 19. touko 8.26 
Gunship Mark II 19. touko 8.23 
Nope, it was never finished :c
Brandon 19. touko 8.02 
Can I download it?
Gunship Mark II 19. touko 7.58 
Source 2007 used particle effects, instead of sprite based fire, the fire you're talking about is pre-orangebox fire, which was used in source engine games before ep2 was released, 2003-2007.

I've actually made something like this not very long ago :

And here's a bit "modernized" version :

I've made it in particle editor, but you can restore the original one via code, it doesn't look that good though.

I might use this fire in HL2MMod, not sure about gmod, since I don't really work with it anymore.
Brandon 19. touko 7.39 
You can also see the fire using a tool Source Engine 2007
Brandon 19. touko 7.35 
Hey,thanks for the reply!
Well in 2007 fire wasn't that nice as in our days,gonna send a pic
Reive the Source Engine 2007's env_fire effect,it wasn't that nice though,but it will be great nostalgia for the old players who played GMod 9. Not requesting it only for my self,but for other thounsads of people,maybe millions of old players.
I am not really sure where you can take the fire effect,however,in Hl2 part where we are going to Cabbage,combines blew up the car and there's a very low quality effect,here it is:

Not really much seen.

I think its like something with a code,because encounter is coded and scripted,right?