Scott McCallum   Ontario, Canada
Currently hard at work on Remnant. Check it out on Greenlight!
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I'm like Jesus except with clouds instead of water.
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Super Steef 11 maja 2016 o 11:12 
I love this man. I am a cow.
(eGGen) 11 maja 2016 o 10:43 
this guy is a fat online shit talker with no life lol grow up
Ginkcahton 28 kwietnia 2016 o 19:20 
Hello daddy!
EXCELLION333 5 marca 2016 o 23:37 
Hi, are you still developing Remnant?. It looked very awesome
The Laughing Man86 24 lutego 2016 o 19:46 
Best of luck with Remnant im awaiting release/beta with great anticipation :)
camux 24 czerwca 2014 o 23:06 
+rep thank you for the trade