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Griftz is the name, being bad at pyro is the game
                                                   J a y b l a d e z z
5:51 PM - Jaybladezz: what did the prostitute say to me when I asked her to be careful
5:52 PM - Jaybladezz: 'jayden go play videogames, im ur sister I do what I want'
5:52 PM - Griftz: wtf
5:52 PM - Griftz: i'm putting that on my profile
5:53 PM - Griftz: whether you like it or not
5:53 PM - Jaybladezz: show us you mean no mercy

                                                     Classes I play

› Main - Pyro
› Working on - Scout, Sniper and Soldier

                                               My Competitive History

UGC S19 Steel - SIN | Core Pyro | Ye disband mid scrim Good meme
› UGC S19 Steel - Squid Kids | Sub Pyro | 1st place!
› UGC S20 Platinum - SanctumHL | Sub Pyro | 4th place
› UGC S21 Steel - Jet Fuel Steel | Core Pyro (leader) | 9th
› UGC S22 Platinum - Western Weaboos | Core Pyro | 8th
› UGC S23 ??? - ??? | ??? | ???

                                                        My Family

S w e e t , you are the coolest of beans and my bestest of friends. You taught me the way of the "nu" and "self-five" and also never fail to make me laugh. Thank you for everything you've done for me, I really appreciate it :D

Bird , You're as good at pyro as you are at being a friend, and you're one of the best pyros in aus :P. We always have a great time most of it being dumb things and I can't wait to join you at the top of the pyro ranks someday.

Jaybladezz , Where do I start man, you are a great guy and can come up with some pretty wild conversations. Always good fun to be around and I look forward to seeing what random shit the future brings :')

Jack (Firebrand) , fuck you- you called me an illiterate herb when I spelt Onix wrong :(... It's cool though, you do alright and always got my back. You're also equal 2nd for coolest bean along with Bird. I've shared some great times with you and don't expect them to stop anytime soon.

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played for 6 years, d-dork
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As do you ^_^
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