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Darwin   British Columbia, Canada
Grape Juice III (the Third)
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Grape-m0re HUD, 5.4"/360
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Grape Juice III : lube up before you fuck me that hard next time
Grape Juice III : thx
Bone$ : always

Typto : Grape is literally better than me, the only reason I beat him in MGE is because I watch anime

nozzlejockey: well isnt ur dick HUGE
Grape Juice III: thanks for noticing

slvrbug: i'm really just a stalker in general
slvrbug: dont put this on ur profile
Grape Juice III: ok i wont
slvrbug: gud
slvrbug: if u do i will throw an egg at you
Grape Juice III: do it @ lan
slvrbug: willdo

Dom: sorry i dont know how slow you are so i just assumed the worst

dominic: FAR OUT

ember: well if u can't see pretty lights why don't u go outside for once and go look at the real light, the sun

megaboy: How u gonna have a burrito
megaboy: with no meat
megaboy: Like nigga
Grape Juice III: Hey megaboy
Grape Juice III: I think that's the joke
megaboy: Hey grape
megaboy: Fuck you
megaboy: I think that's the joke

*DEAD* Wizo Of Weed : fuck off Grape

wshh: my clout is miniscule

Thing2: My dog just pissed on my bed

rolling_wheel: give me a second i just emo'd over my brother eating my chocolate pudding cup
rolling_wheel: i need to recuperate
Grape Juice III: ROFL

Phantom: my grape juice is honestly disabled

Phantom: hey ladies
Phantom: k a c h o w
Grape Juice III: my phantom is honestly disabled
Phantom: kachow

Reflecto: sometimes you nut
Reflecto: sometimes you dont nut
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Competitive TF2
UGC 6v6
S20 Steel- Lost in Music, Roamer SUB (8-2)
S21 Silver- Rock and Roll Band, Roamer (3-5)
S24 Steel- Space Balls, Roster Rider/Mentor

S21 Open- Polish Pizzeria, Scout & Roamer SUB (8-8) (Central)
S23 Open- Koalas in the Rain, Roamer (6-10) (Eastern)
S24 Open- Store Bought Syrup, Roamer [died pre-season]
Last Minute Team, Roamer (1-5) (Central) [died]
Forecast, Roamer (3-5) (Central) [died]
S25 Open- Pair Pears [died pre-season]
Aubrey Plaza Fanclub Roamer (10-6)
S26 Open- asiafortress Roamer (7-4) [died]
S27 Intermediate- Other Scout Roamer & Leader (1-5)

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Grape-EPICHUD, 5.4"/360
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Happy new Years! :happymiya:
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