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==============ABOUT ME================

1. I won't accept Under 3 Level steam users. (Unless I know you).
2. No PRIVATE profiles.
3. Don't have your name as "[Unassigned]".
4. Leave a comment.
5. Have to have over 1 year of service on steam. (Again, unless I know you).
6. Be nice on the Profile. (Don't be negative or I'll instantly block you).
7. If you have completed all of them, you may add me!

In-Game: Self-Explanatory
Online: I'm looking around on steam.
Away: Currently AFK / On or Origin
Busy: Homework or important things.
Offline: Pc isnt on / On other acc.

Name: Aidan
Gender: Male
Birthday: 20th December

Genres of songs I listen to:
Drum N' Bass
Heavy Metal
Bootleg Remix's.

Artists I listen to:
Queens of the Stone Age
Nine Inch Nails
Denzel Curry
Blue Stahli
System Of A Down
Dread Machine

Favourite Songs:
Go With The Flow - QOTSA
DoYaThing - Gorillaz
Hysteria - Muse
Feel Good Inc. - Gorillaz
Another Love Song - QOTSA
Master Of Puppets - Metallica
One - Metallica
Chop Suey - System Of A Down
Witchcraft - Pendulum
Immortalized - Disturbed
Enter Sandman - Metallica

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(Last Update: 18/02/18 11:39 PM)
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Previous Names
Early 2013 - November 2016 = EpicFaceLol
November 2016 - Present = Getchii


Favourite Weapon(s): Deagle and m4a4 - m4a1-s.
Favourite map(s): Dust II, Office and Nuke.
Favourite gamemode: Competitive and surf.
Favourite Server: Every aus-tg server.
Favourite Knife(s): Karambit (the way it looks), Butterfly (the animation).
Favourite Team: Renegades
If i could have 1 camo on everyone weapon and knife, what would it be?: Crimson Web


Top 3 Heroes: Genji, Lucio and Roadhog.
Favourite Maps: Ilios, Eichenwalde, Volskaya Industries.
Favourite Team: EnvyUS / Dallas Fuel
Favourite Player: Surefour
Achievements: Golden Shurikens (Genji), Golden Scrap Gun (Roadhog).

Rocket League

Favourite Map: Champion Stadium.
Favourite Vehicles: Batmobile (From Batman v Superman), Dominus and Octane.
Favourite Team: Flipsid3 Tactics.
Favourite Player: Kuxir97.

Rainbow Six: Siege

Top 3 Operators: Ash, Pulse, Hibana.
Favourite Maps: Plane, Clubhouse, Yacht.
Favourite Team: PentaSPORTS.
Favourite Gamemode: Secure Area.
Achievements: Glitching inside the bomb (shown in one on of my screenshots).


Mouse | Corsair Gaming M65 Pro RGB FPS (Black)
Keyboard | Corsair K70 LUX Mechanical Keyboard Red LED (Cherry MX Red)
Headset | Plantronics RIG 400
Microphone | Blue Snowball (White)
Mousepad | ASUS ROG Sheath Gaming Surface (90 x 44cm)
Monitors | Main | LG 24" Full HD 1080p LED Monitor (24M38H-B)
Secondaries | Acer H2O3H / Compaq S2021a
Webcam | Ubisoft Motion Tracking Camera
Controller | Dualshock 4

(PC) Pryon Gaming AEG970 Red

CPU: Intel® Core i7-4790 3.6GHz / 4.0GHz
GPU: MSI GeForce GTX 970 4GB
Memory: Corsair Vengeance 16GB DDR3 Gaming Memory
Storage: 3TB SATA Hard Disk Drive
Case: Aegis Gaming Chassis (Red)
OS: Microsoft Windows 10 (64 Bit)

Other Platforms i use:

Origin: Getchii_10
Twitter: Getchii_ : Getchii#1876
Discord: Getchii#4019
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This game is incredible. It is one of my personal favourite games of all time. If I don't have anything else to play, I hop on to Rainbow. Usually, I like to play with friends in other games but this one I'll make an exception. In my opinion, I have the same amount of fun while solo queueing and playing with friends. Here are my personal opinions about this game.


Realism -
In my opinion, this is one of the most realistic games of all time (despite the bugs, glitches and hackers). The shooting mechanics feel great, the recoil is pretty easy to control (except buck's C8-SFW and other nameable weapons), and the innovation makes the player feel like they're in the game. Which leads me to my next point.

Tactics -
A lot of players in this game are competitive (Me being one). Most of the time in competitive, everyone will have a mic to communicate with their team. They will use the communication to give themselves an advantage while attacking and or defending. They will talk to their team about their location, cameras, where the objective is, and they will warn their team of an opposing attacker.

Operators -
Most of the characters in Rainbow are balanced. I'm not looking at Ash's f*cking head hitbox.There are currently 36 operators in the game. Each operator has there own backstory and everything you would find in a biography (Name, DOB, etc.) so you can learn something or two about an operator by looking at their bio.

(There are a lot more pro's but I would rather go into the cons now.)


Servers -
I really don't need to explain this one.

Bugs -
Oh god, there are a lot of bugs. There have been many patches to fix these bugs but more appear every day. Operation Health tried to fix it, I'll let you finished the rest (It did f*ck all). I can't list all the bugs in this single review, but I will list a few. You can glitch through objects, hit registrations, hitboxes and last of all, Blitz.

Hackers -
Ubisoft has done very little to get rid of hackers. There are a lot of ways to hack in this game. Wall hacking, aimbot, you name it, they have it all. They are trying to get rid of them... but at a very, VERY, slow pace. Just like the bloody Ubisoft support tickets. (get incredibly insulted.)

The Community -
I think it's pretty toxic. I am not saying everyone is toxic, most people are very friendly but also very competitive. Most games I have played in has at least one salty guy on our team and their team.

That is my Rainbow review and the experiences that I have had in it. The game has been an incredible experience for me so far. I hope it's good for you too!

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