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Dick Dickerson   Waiheke, New Zealand
twitch.tv/lecrum_ : <3

*DEAD* ✵ℬattleΛxe✵ : WHY
*DEAD* ✵ℬattleΛxe✵ : The only fucking demo that hits pipes
*DEAD* ✵ℬattleΛxe✵ : is on the map that I hate

(づσᴥσ)づ loller bears (づσᴥσ)づ
So I can ring. "lol"

my good account is dead lol

\m/(-_-)\m/ Quacken: leave i meant to invite daily
\m/(-_-)\m/ Quacken: lmao
\m/(-_-)\m/ Quacken: get out
[§Đ] Townze: u r b a d f o r I M
[§Đ] Townze: ()_()
\m/(-_-)\m/ Quacken: your bad for steel
\m/(-_-)\m/ Quacken: ???
\m/(-_-)\m/ Quacken: k

*DEAD* BlackGirlsMatter : how did u pop me in double jump mid air with a grenade
BlackGirlsMatter : fucking faggot
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Mumus™ The War Hero Aug 14 @ 1:34pm 
Lizard The Wizard Aug 14 @ 9:53am 
dude, check trade offers
Reptiguru Aug 14 @ 3:44am 
added for lft
SpotlightR dot duck Aug 13 @ 12:58am 
woah u were on Gatorade Girls? :o
[BOT] Matthew (ToD #2) Aug 6 @ 8:55pm 
+rep Thank you for using http://steamcommunity.com/groups/fh_trading_bots ! Hope to trade with you again soon!
Arctic Fox Aug 1 @ 4:12pm 
I sent a trade offer, ya phat nyard