Kud Wafu
Space Traveler   Prague, Hlavni Mesto Praha, Czech Republic
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Things to know:
1. I am always looking to recieve trade offers and I'm trading every item in my inventory, don't be shy
2. I am not accepting random friend invites, ever, only from trade servers when I'm asking for invites
3. I do not tolerate begging
4. When making trade offer, PLEASE be 100% sure it is as you want to send it with proper items, I do not give refunds anymore, period
5. I do NOT use any alternate accounts to trade and anyone claiming otherwise is lying, no exception
6. I am not giving random trading advices or pricechecks and I am frankly not intersted in playing CS:GO/DOTA2/TF2 with anyone
7. I don't use any betting site ever, as they all take huge chunk of each prize, so you'll lose in the long run (especially with lottery sites, only idiots would use them to try to make a profit)
8. I don't use any market bots and I don't open any cases
9. I don't deal with real money trades currently
10. I do rarely answer chat messages, if you want to trade with me just send me a trade offer, other than that, I'm just not gonna pay any attention to what you wrote and you just wasted you time

Bazaar.tf rep thread [bazaar.tf] - My main rep thread,
DOTA2 traders rep thread [dota2traders.com] - DOTA2 cash rep thread, some rep here
Steamtrades profile [www.steamtrades.com] - Not much rep there
SteamRep profile [steamrep.com] - For quicker search
TF2R profile [tf2r.com] - In case you're interested in that
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⸢ cΛnceL ⸥ 12 hours ago 
accept please

one guy impersonating u
Happy||Trading Bayonet Jun 25 @ 6:07am 
M8 a person impersonating u tried to scam me
johnanthan pizza Jun 22 @ 8:25pm 
this kid is impersonating you, go ahead and report him. http://steamcommunity.com/id/GencYd/
ZW™ Jun 21 @ 5:23am 
M8 a person impersonating u tried to scam me
⚡El chico⚡ gamdom.com Jun 20 @ 9:17pm 
please acc me trade