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HEXA-GRAM Cheng Oct 6 @ 4:39am 
-rep Turns out this guy isnt who i thought he was, he has been using this second persona around me every since we met 6 months ago. He always seemed a little bit off in our conversations. I would say things like "what do you think about the terroist attakcs?" and he would respond with things like "i admire their work" i couldnt tell if he was joking or not. These conversations went on for months now and he started to seem like a pretty chill guy under it all. Until one day he told me about how he is a mass murderer and has been charged with over 300 killings. I immedietly blocked and unfriended but i forgot i told him where i live, jambib south africa, he said he was coming for me and i was the next victim i didnt know what to do but leave a comment on his profiofigkawlkjhn;fgaeg mf.,.g
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Like this guy.
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my dog