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I sort my friends list out on the regular. If I remove you by mistake, especially if you change your name a lot, feel free to re-add me.

cherry: ' "not sleeping and pasta" that describes your life in 4 words'
cherry: "fungus you were right."

Stopped playing tf2 seriously a couple years ago.

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Sir L Mar 17 @ 9:44pm 
Sent a trade offer with your price in pure.
BigZZZ Mar 11 @ 10:34am 
(TEAM) Nati0nal : anyone wanna switch
(TEAM) Nati0nal : garden is fucking me in the ass
★ ► Ban ◄ ★ Mar 10 @ 5:37pm 
hello friend I'm interested in your unusual I buy it from you via PayPal and I hope you're not a scammer who wanted to scare me
I have sent you an offer :)
Murfilds Mar 1 @ 1:15pm 
sand84 Feb 4 @ 2:43pm 
📂 Steam
└📁 steamapps
└📁 common
└📁 Team Fortress 2
└📁 skill
└⚠️ this folder is empty
📂 USB (H:)
└📁 cutecats
└📁 Hentai
└📁 Englandismycity
└📁 MyLittlePony
└📁 My_favorite_dabs_of_2018
└ ✔️Noaimpyromain.exe