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There's no reason to deny, it's the season of the lie.   California, United States
I am the Head Member & Lead Developer of Cloud 6 Studios and am a writer with a depressingly dark, twisted, and ever-expanding mind. I do work on SiX and Portal: Last Hope .
Sometimes, I get really busy, so please expect that...
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I am also the co-founder of Friday Night Fortress
This layout was stolen from Jackathan . He's a nice guy.

Half-Life 2: Beta-Complete: https://megaDOTnz/#!Ux9DxJ7Q!z6e47HLiiRD4sDwHuKrsq4QluRhpX0ed6kwmh_M0mTA (Replace "DOT" with ".")
Assistant Publisher and other minor stuff [ 2015 ] - We've been rather busy in your absence, Mister Freeman...[/url]

Transmissions: Element 120
Beta Tester [ 2016 - Present ]
T̸̷͠h͟͢͏e̢͘͘҉̢ ̶͡r̨i̶̡̛͜͜g͜͢͡͝h̸̵̛̀t̢̕ ̶̛̀͟ḿ̕͝a̵̡͜͞n͜͞͠ ̧̛́i̕͜ǹ̢͜ ̶̵̡͘͢ţ̨̡͜҉h̵̡̨̨e̶̢̢͜͝ ̷̧͡ẁ͏̵͟r̶o͏n̶̕͟͢͠g̷͏̶͟ ҉p̷̧͝l҉͏̶́̕a̧͏̢c̛͘̕̕è͏̀̕ ̶̢̕͢͝ç̛̕͜a͝҉̶ń͞͏̧ ̡̀ḿ̷̷a̴҉́҉̷k͘҉̸e̵ ̴̴̵̢͢a҉͢͠͠l̷̢ĺ̕͜͝͝ ̸͡҉o̢҉̀f̸̛́ ̶̕͞͏҉t̸̶̨͝h̨͜e̶̕͢͠ ͏̵ḑ̷̧͡͞i̶̴̧f҉̢͜͠f̷̧̛̀è҉̴͠r͜e̸͘͘͟n͞҉̡̧c̕͜͟ȩ̀͢.̶̶.҉̛.̷̵͝͡

Half-Life: A Place in the West
Beta Tester & First Reviewer on Steam [ 2016 - Present ]
"...the resultant abnormalties would soon not only wreck the world, but threaten the very integrity of the universe."

C λ S T E
Lead Developer [ 2016 - Present ]
What are you doing without your gasmask on?

Portal: Last Hope
Story and Script Writer [ 2017 - Present ]
Come quickly, young test subject. You're our last hope!

Aperture Science
Story and Script Writer [ 2017 ]
Did you just feel a huge shift? It shook the whole factory!

Creator and Lead Developer [ 2017 - Present ]
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FUTURE PROJECTS: Mildew, Naut, Fisheye, Transition, Severed, Turmoil & Invasion
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Computer Specs:
Monitor : Asus 60Hz 1600x900p Widescreen (32 bit)

RAM : 16GB (4x4GB) DDR3 SO-DIMM 1600 MHz

GPU : Nvidia GeForce GTX 560M [MAX OVERCLOCK]

CPU : Intel Core i7-2630QM Processor
I <3 [̲̅ V̲̅A̲̅L̲̅V̲̅ᴱ̲̅ ]
I don't really believe in a God so please don't be super religious towards me.

Feel free to send an invite if you know me irl, wanna talk, play games with me, ask for tips/help, and/or keep in touch!
If I friend you, it's for similar, if not, the same reasons. ^

If you don't want me to friend you, please tell me why and I will stay away.

I have encountered many phishers on this account. All of which have attacked me with Trojans that try to steal my games, items and expansions. All attempts have failed, but they still haven't given up yet...Anyone who sends me trade items through images on other sites will immediately be suspected of being a phisher and will be unfriended and blocked right away.

I will also start asking questions if you have a level 1, 2, or 3 account, have a private profile (or a profile that wasn't set up yet), and I don't know you.

Also, I'm not interested in using other websites to trade my CS:GO and/or TF2 items. I will immediately unfriend and block anyone who invited me just to promote this kind of stuff.

AND I am also not interested in any contests. If you have a private profile and say I won something or whatever, you will immediately be blocked and unfriended.
Engines and Tools that I use to program/make my own games and/or content:
1. Source (All Branches)
2. CoilSnake (EarthBound/Mother 2 Modding Dev Tool)
3. GoldSrc (All Branches)
I love so many games, these are my
Favorites : EVERY Valve video game EVAR (Half-Life, Portal, Counter-Strike 1.6, Left 4 Dead 2, etc.), most second-party (published and/or licensed, NOT developed by Valve) GoldSRC/Source Engine games ([Absolute] Redemption, Wanted!, Black Mesa, Prospekt, Garry's Mod, etc.), Most 3rd-party GoldSRC/Source Engine games (They Hunger, Dear Esther, The Ship, Insurgency, SiN Episodes: Emergence, Day of Infamy etc.), most 3rd-party GoldSRC/Source Engine mods (Synergy, The Citizen Returns, Hetzchase Nailway, Transmissions: Element 120, Estranged: Act I, Poke 646, etc.), Quake I, Most Nintendo IPs (EarthBound/M●THER Trilogy, Mario Bros. - NSMBU, Mario64 - SM3DW, Mario RPGs (mainly Super Mario RPG, Paper Mario 1-4, and Mario & Luigi 1 & 3), LttP and all other Zelda games [except for CDi], Super Metroid, Zero Mission, Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong 94, the first Mario Vs. Donkey Kong, DKC series, Wario Land 2 & 4, , etc.), Clock Tower (SNES & Bandai WonderSwan), Chrono Trigger (+Radical Dreamers, Chrono Cross, & Chrono Trigger DS), Tales of Phantasia, Mega Man & MMX series, KillSwitch (Karvina), Resident Evil Series (+RE1 for Game Boy Color), Sweet Home, Secret of Mana (+Seiken Densetsu 3/Secret of Mana 2), Final Fantasy I-XIV: Realm Reborn, Dragon Quest I-X, Xenoblade Chronicles, P.T., Petscop, Metal Gear 1 & 2 and Metal Gear Solid I-V + other MGS games, Terraria, VVVVVV, Mutant Mudds, Minecraft, and Cave Story. These especially include developmental versions.
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Gl1tchyGam3r Dec 8 @ 7:22pm 
could make an entire documentation out of that beast
LDZimeanLUCIEN Dec 8 @ 7:18pm 
Somehow everygame I see he has it on his wishlist...
@Gλm³r#¹ | א‎₀ Whatever you say, we've still made a deal. You just keep repeating words.
I'm not gonna write anymore alright...
Gλm³r#¹ | א‎₀ Nov 20 @ 5:06pm 
@Cut͏Cont͟͡e̵nt̛N̸e͞twork "whatever". Indeed. You just needed me so you can get money and that's it. You ended up swindling/scamming me for it too. I'm done with you. Screw you and screw this.
LeadKiller Nov 17 @ 3:11pm 
Not the angles!