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Feb 22 @ 6:51am
In topic to claim systems?
You can't colonize to claim anymore.
It may be not written anymore, but it is still how the card works.
The cost of the card is X, where X is the amount of Energy, you have available when you used the card. So when the card gets duplicated it should be duplicated with a cost of X, but because you have no Energy left X would be in that case 0?
It would be kind of a shame, if Whirlwind would stop working like it works now, though you could argue, that it is too strong how it works at the moment. Because you can pull off a 500+ damage turn with it.
How could that be a solution? The chance to get Dead branch is pretty low, did not even get it once.
So when I use Whirlwind and it triggers Necronomicon, it gets used twice the amount of energy used for the first use.

But if I use this Fiend Fire and Necronomicon triggers, the second use of Fiend Fire needs a second set of cards to get exhausted.

So one card affords its price twice the other card does not. I find that a bit of counterintuitive.
Originally posted by c.a.smith_100:
RNG is RNG, the odds to get ectoplam after getting it twice is the same as getting it once. It's highly unlikely getting it 3 times in a row but nowhere near impossible.

Remeber keep calm and praise Nuffle.

Throwing a dice and getting a 1, has not the same odds as throwing 3 dices and getting all three times a 1.

Though is remains still much more likely than winning in the lottery I guess.
Feb 20 @ 3:37pm
In topic Delete or rework calipers
Originally posted by robofish126:
Girya is incredible. You should almost never be healing at Camps, you get healed to full upon completing an area anyways. You are unlikely to get Girya AND a Peace Pipe or Shovel. Which leaves Upgrades as its main competition, however Girya is effectively an upgrade to ALL Attack cards that stacks with the usual one-off upgrade.

Moreover by the end of the game I've upgraded all the cards which are important or for whom upgrades are essential, leaving only things where upgrades just provide minor damage/block increases without changing the functionality of the card which is irrelevant unless its a primary damage/block source.

I mean take something like Flying Knee. Upgrading it just makes it do 3 more damage, that's it. There is no reason why I would ever take that over just upgrading every attack card in my deck to deal 1 more attack damage, and AoE/multi-hit attack cards to do even more than that.

Why you need to heal? Perhaps because you were forced to fight an Elite and had a bad draw for it, perhaps you only got garbage cards so far to select from, or perhaps the next fight will be the stage boss and it pretty much always better to enter him with as much life as possible?

Comparing using lift with one of uprading one of the weaker cards is also kind of a flawed argument. Upgrading such a card is something I general would hardly consider, most likely I would not pick it anyway, because the usability is far to specific and as you said upgrading it does hardly improve it anyway.

The amount of resting places is very luck dependant, so it is as likely, that you were not able to upgrade all important card until the end. In the end you have to try to replace all the basic strike and shield until you reach the boss and will probably have picked a few cards more, depending on your strategy.
Feb 20 @ 11:36am
In topic Delete or rework calipers
Sure, but normally you don't need every attack card upgraded, often you don't even have that many attack cards. Giving every attack +1 or whirlwind +3 or bludgeon +10? With the right setup you can win fights in one turn with just one attack card.
Feb 20 @ 10:38am
In topic Delete or rework calipers
Yeah, would never want Calipers, though I also would not want Girya. Gain 1 Strength or heal for at 24 or upgrade a card or even dig a new relic. I don't think there are many cases, where 1 strength would really make the call?
Feb 20 @ 6:31am
In topic it is possible to win at this game ???
Problem is, you can hardly ever rid of that many starting cards, even more if you receive a curse from time to time.
Feb 20 @ 6:20am
In topic Darklings need a nerf
Whirlwind also proves here to be probably the strongest attack card. Most likely you kill them in round one alltogether. ^^
Feb 20 @ 5:40am
In topic it is possible to win at this game ???
Finally managed to go through completely.

Necromicon, Double Tap, Flex, Offering and Whirlwind are just an insane combo, dealt over 500 damage in one turn against an elite.

I always tried to go for long time strength boost like Spot Weakness or Demon Form before, but I must say, such tactics don't work in a game with hardly any sustain cards. Killing in one turn is just more efficient.
Feb 20 @ 5:31am
In topic Darklings need a nerf
Darklings are those, who revive, when there is still one guy alive?

I never had problems with them, at least with Ironclad full damage builds.
Feb 20 @ 5:30am
In topic Any tips for Ironclad's build?
I always go full offence with Ironclad. On bad pull can kill you at the boss, but it is more fun anyway. I reached Tier 3 in the first run, but sometimes already died halfway through the first Tier.

Flex and Offering seem to be kind of a must have and Whirlwind is probably the strongest and most versatile attack. Thanks to some relics like Necronimcon and double tap I killed an elite with 500 life in one turn in the third act and I won just now for my first time. I could have killed the final bosses aswell, if had drawn one of my double taps.

Sadly long play tactics don't work at all, because there is just not enough available to heal yourself. The strongest block card is hardly usefull, because of its exhaust, if are not lucky enough to get the Blockade buff somehow.
Feb 19 @ 2:29am
In topic it is possible to win at this game ???
This is just that what are people are talking about not to do: using one special deck build and depending heavily on luck to get it going.
Feb 18 @ 3:49am
In topic it is possible to win at this game ???
There will be still a lot RNG (new cards, new relics, etc.), but it won't be all about RNG and more about tactical deckbuilding.
Feb 18 @ 3:32am
In topic it is possible to win at this game ???
I think normal cards should always be removable/sellable, but curses can only be removed if you pay for it. This would limit the dependancy on lucky RNG and improve the deckbuilding strategizing part. It would also empower curses, because in smaller deck curses appear more often.
Feb 18 @ 2:33am
In topic it is possible to win at this game ???
The biggest issue is, how rarely you can get rid of cards.
Are we talking now about a fallen empire or an awakened empire? Awakened empire are much stronger and are able to build new ships. You could try to stir up some wars with other fallen empires oder wait for a war in heaven. But for a awakened empire 85k are to low anyway.
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