Gabe Degrossi
James   United States
I bully little kids on the internet

Youtube - Chungo Supreme :conwayshrug:
Skype - antijack1000 :conwayheadscratch: - anti#1192 :conwayfacepalm:
Friend Code - 4270-2697-7638 :conwaypunch:
My Stream -

Dark Souls III Characters
- Gabe Degrossi - The glue man
- Giant Dad - The legend
- The Crimson Chin - The chin
- xKiritoBladex - The weeb

Current Competitive Ranks
- League of Legends - Platinum V
- Dark Souls 3 - Giant Dad
- For Honor - Meatball
uhhh and I was like diamond in overwatch 2 yrs ago or smthn? idk

I'm Chungo Supreme. I play a whole lotta bidya. Currently trying to get my filthy hands on the rare cheevos for deadbolt and furi.

More stuff? Gotcha covered. I'm a regular user on r/shittydarksouls and some other shitholes. It is a good life.

Get off my chungo, my brungo

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TwentyingleEighteenringle Jun 20, 2017 @ 6:40pm 

My name is Alex. I found you on Masteroverwatch as one of the top mercy's and I think that's great! I like my women skilled at something and still know their place. (Let's be honest if you played a skillful hero like genji or widowmaker, you wouldn't be 4th)
From now on you'll be my due and girlfriend. You'll pocket me.
This comes with some conditions.
You'll be required to send me snaps of you every morning, noon and evening. Some nude ones at night too.
You obviously wont be allowed to stream anymore and talk to other guys.
If you please me, I'll buy you an occasional loot box or two. We'll Skype everyday, make sure to buy a high definition web cam soon.

Here are my contact details;
Steam: [redacted]