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The Tiger 2 is best!
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My theme: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9NHIHiFtuEI

me driving on any game: https://youtu.be/CT3-_TxSgmo?t=83

Discord Server(join the Lounge!): https://discord.gg/UGepRc7

theses two are so epic: https://youtu.be/-7XGSmdrEjk

Wall of Shame:
Those that remove for no reason, or letting me know.
Rude, uncooperative, overall just an asshole
Sayin things behind my back, Say it to my goddamn face.

Keep this: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197969711801/

This aswell: http://steamcommunity.com/id/YpredAndJunor/

1.Pantherex: http://steamcommunity.com/id/kanterro , Not much to say about this guy other then he loves to troll. he also is very rude when it comes to group roleplay. He will mock you for everyword you say,pretty much.

Hypernova: More like hyper jackass
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best chat and rp moments (or so I thought)
🔪ⓅṒ𝕊ⓉคⓁ ⒹⓊĐᗴ🔪: Ireland: We could kill everyone! Scotland: we will out drink you! england: both of you hush it,would ya! me and sweden are trying to drink tea!
Kitten: heh
🔪ⓅṒ𝕊ⓉคⓁ ⒹⓊĐᗴ🔪: and america is just sitting there with romania are eating burgers and such
Kitten: yep

Flynn ☣: As they see though the cracks, they found something more then just a factory, but the heart of the Uprising. All matter of creatures here. Changelings, Humans, Ponies of all types.. Even some dragons as he hears the voice of Shard. "♫ Brothers of the Forge, rejoice!♫ "(Swing, swing, swing with me!) ♫" It shows Soldiers practicing weapons on dummys. "♫ Raise your rifle and your voice! (Sing, Sing, sing with me!) Down and down into the depths, who knows what will happen next? Victory, loss, or a strife hidden in this Golden war!♫" "♫ Born in the fire, suckled from a teat of stone, Raised in the dark, the safety of our surface home! Skin made of Iron, Steel in our bones! We fight to make us free, come my brothers sing with me!♫" "♫ We are United, and we are free! Fighting for what's right! (Fighting for what's right!) We are United, fighting for what's right!♫ (Fighting for what's right...!)♫" A Horn blows as Humans and other species test out power armors. Even US Military specialists were there assisting in creation.

Flynn ☣: "♫ Comstock will face his time! (Bring him in to burn a tyrant alive!) Never see him in the blooming glow! (We will become one!) Fill a glass, down some meat, stuff your bellies at the feast! Stumble home and fall asleep, dreaming of our free!♫" The Workers sung. "♫ Born in a forge! Grown inside a rocky woumb! The Earth is our cratle, it shall become our tomb! Face us on the battlefield, you will meet your doom! We do not fear what lies ahead, come my brothers sing with me!"

"♫ We are united as one, and we're fighting for what's right! Fighting for what's right! We are united as one, and we're fighting for what's right! Fighting for what's right! ♫" The Workers chanted, though it soon died down as the doors open as Two power armored Soldiers in T51-Bs come in, having the US 13 Commenwelth's Flag on the back as well as the equestrian, changling, dragon, and a Zebra Empire resistance flag on their backs having weapons aimed at them. These guys were Not Vox as their lights shine on them. Some workers notice them until a buff mare said "♫ Born in the fire, suckeled from teats of stone! Raised in the dark, the safety of our surface home!♫" She sang as others join in. "♫ Fighting this war makes us free, come my brothers join with me! ♫" Shard soon passes the Soldiers, and it was a She who was a pretty tough looking mare as she smiles at the group and offers her their hand. "♫ We are united, and fighting for freedom! We will be free...!♫" The Workers chant as Flynn smiles and grabs Shard's hand as she soon takes them in and starts arming them up with the Logos of United. The US Soliders salute the group. "Corporal Flynn, Eric, glad to have you with us." One said as Canterlot guards saluted too. The same ones that ressupplyed them.

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