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Credit to Raymond For helping me with this information box!

Quick Note

I do SFM Posters at the moment. They're free for now and at 25th October they'll cost. Not actual money just items.

Rules before becoming my friend..

Please give me a valid reason down the comments section below,Not some "Oh,I just like your pictures.","Oh,I liked you!" Or even "We have friends in common." An educated,logic reason will be nice.

I don't accept users who had "Private","VAC" and under level 5 unless you gave me a good reason for adding me.(If you're under level 5.)

If you're a SFM Artworker just say it in the comments and i'll automaticly add you. None of these rules mater then. (Only the Rules becoming my friend rules)

Don't shove fandom down my throat or'll you regret it.(Except,Anime.)

Don't add me just to trade or free items.

Please don't try to be an "asshole" or a "dick".Be nice and you are good.

I'm mostly a serious type,Sometimes I may goof around abit.

No danky and offensive memes or even shit talking such as "Wow why are u gay?","Uh..Im sorreh I didn't mean to kill u xdd","Wtf is this artwork cunt?","It's shit artwork m8."something like that,I'm not a meme person.If you're complaining or criticize me for hating memes,Then there's no point for you to waste your time in here.

Don't invite me to raffling groups,Free CS:GO/TF2 keys,cases,skin groups.

Reasons to unfriend and block you:

If you spam or upload too much non-owned artworks in a day.because,it will covers up the entire activities with artworks that you didn't own. (Mostly memes,gif artworks and such that aren't look like Drawing,SFM or even GMod pictures.)

If you used too much dank,edgy and offensive memes in every online game matches I joined.Something like "1v1 me in Minecraft m8","Wow so gaay". (Because it was embarrassing and sad at the same time to have memers who spam their shitty-ass memes there.)

If you shoved too much MLP and other fandom into my throat.(Except anime because I had no problems with them at all.)

If you used too much sexual jokes and memes.(Like spamming penis emoticons and such.)

If you beg me to give you free items.

Keep spamming or even beg me to request making Undertale,Overwatch,FNAF pictures.Just make them and get likes yourself.

Chat Status:
I will mostly reply on your message but if i dont im mostly lazy or watching youtube.

Means im playing, i pretty much answer to you as soon as you message me. Games i play is for an example:
(Team Fortress 2, CS:GO, L4D2 And Rocket League.)

Mean's I am either eating or watching youtube. You are free to talk to me but don't invite me to any game,It's annoying.

Means that i am outside hanging out with my friends or that i am out eating with my parents or friends. Leave a message and I will try reply through a phone or later.

As you know it,Leave a message and I will try reply you back.

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have keys for fg daco+hw
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have overpay in items for heatwave
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+rep cool trader!
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Want to trade u
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u've been added
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+rep cool and fast trader!