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You can't be better than us, we are wealthy steam users using our yearly allowances all at once! Plus don't forget my grandma passed away last week so there's another $500 for me! I'm not going to use that money for good use, oh no, I'll be using that to get my steam level higher and prove to everyone I'm an alpha male who earns his own way through life as an internet thug billionaire.

I get driven to and from a private school every day and cry about it because I want to be a SoundCloud rapper and my mummy doesn't understand me, i cut myself and browse Pinterest and Tumblr for edgy scream pictures or monochrome pictures to use as my Steam avatar even though Scream was one of the worst movies made and is a disgrace to the film industry.

I also enjoy trying to flex my huge muscle even though I am a NEET that still lives with my mother at the age of 18 despite me telling everyone that I live alone in a house and pay rent without having a job. I guess that's just the life of a rich e-thug. Sometimes I message e-girls on Steam that are actually just 14-year-old boys baiting retards like myself to get free in-game items and skins.

Sometimes I pretend to own my own cheat as well, I like to own everyone in CS:GO with Aimware and tell everyone it's my own privately coded cheat even though if you were to look at my search history you would find "2017 CSGO Hack Source".

I like to collect high-level people on Steam and Le Epic CSGO griefers and trollers to show how big my e-penis is and let everyone know I'm the real deal, sometimes even going as far as pretending I'm in myg0t just to push it that little bit further!

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