Ker Blam'n up in   Canada
Ever had a two hour argument about roads? Heh, you're in for a treat kiddo.

Eh <3
I'm a Canadian studying Computing Science who is trying to make a video game but also enjoys playing games too much to make them.

Kind of like an obese cook with awful priorities.
I play strategy games, horror games (INDIE GARBAGE), and TF2. Mostly. I'll also always enjoy a quick game of Chess or a not so quick game of Go, hit me up.

I write so called "lel xd random humour" reviews about games people stopped caring about 7 years ago in an attempt to make fans upset (which are garbage don't read them)

[3/2/2013 10:38:34 PM] Sonfax: what if birds aren't singing
[3/2/2013 10:38:42 PM] Sonfax: and they're actually screaming because they're afraid of heights?

ibuprofen : Fundai
ibuprofen : how many people did you pay off to farm your strange knife

[11:32:05 PM] happy james year: "dont smile because it happed CRY CBECAUSE EVERYTHIGN ELSE ISGONN HAPPEN U LITTLE SHIT

Ask me for the name of this
Life is Silly.
Silly is Fun.
Therefore Life is Fun.
Doc Scratch : Findia you having fun spamming your stickys?
Doc Scratch : I bet you are
Doc Scratch : cause its easy as hell
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A King's Monster
Winston-Reaper Fanfiction From Reaper's Perspective (by Fundai)
"Gabriel.. Let me in. I can help. You just have to open up to me."
I turn back to face him. It's clear by the way he looks at me, he means it. He really wants to help.
If only it was that easy.
I turn away again. "You want me to open up? Well trust me. I'm an open book. You just have to read between the lines."
Stepping towards the windows, I turn and stare him down. "This... is my curse."
Quickly, I activate Wraith Form, and slip out the door, but not before I see the ape-like shock in his eyes.
I'm sorry Winston. I need to face this alone.


He was in there, in that cave. I could smell his scent. The scent of peanut butter, bananas, and fur. Beautiful, nostalgic, I wished I could bed down in that aroma, to savour it and enjoy it in better times; but those times had passed. In another life it had ended and in this life it never existed. This life knew only death, and soldiers like those behind me. Soldiers who couldn't smell the life I did.
"Let's get the job done", I said, and we moved inside.


Gun steaming, I hit the ground hard, but the damage is done. Slowly, almost delicately, he falls, splashing softly in the water and blood streaming down the ridge. I run to him, maybe I can still save him. I come just close enough to hear his last words; "Harambe... I'm coming..."

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I wuv you so much
Abridgey Apr 3 @ 12:39pm if 9/11 happened peacefully!
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His name is Buck
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ofc Ill coach you in oj you dont have to ask
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