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oz: slowwolf what do you think about the upgrade choice of nikis skolldir here

slowwolf: interesting choice im not sure how- OH thats gonna have to wait a minute as niki goes in with the stunpunch gonna connect getting the throw in the middle of the teamfight, showing signs of life but at what cost? no cost at all actually as niki gets the kill on chucho!!! remarkable performance. this is truly what we've come to expect by players of this high caliber as NIKI GOES FOR THE THROW ON DROIDS for the speed and oily boost, stunlocking the swiggins can you believe it

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ANŦΗƠӢ¥25Ø FR 18. feb kl. 8:11am 
You're first of the league in Awesomenauts ! wp 10/10 !
Niz 13. feb kl. 1:18pm 
God man, stop abusing Gnaw for wins.
新的BUG已经出现 21. jan kl. 8:27pm 
Your replays really enjoyable ,thankyou.
vixey✨ 21. jan kl. 2:44pm 
+rep best gamer, would game with for every day of my life
Kraliçe 21. jan kl. 1:45am 
His replays are most fun to watch.
OnionRings <3 7. jan kl. 2:33am 
why u hate me when all i give u is te love </3 my heart is in a mashen machen thrwn arond liek a dildo in an orgy