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ima person who plays games *not obvious* but ya i like tf2 and payday 2. Two most played games. If you want to play hit me up and ill play if im feeling it. But ya thats about it. bye
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Foxx was a good friend she was the best person ever I ever met I miss my friend

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HickSlick Nov 22 @ 6:47am 
Happ Birthday :b:

my mines more important hehe
Chubbs Nov 20 @ 8:53pm 
a tragic loss, sad how someone can just stop existing for over 90 days. truly heart breaking
Damo Nov 19 @ 12:14am 
gone but never forgotten R.I.P
HickSlick Nov 19 @ 12:14am 
Here lies Foxx who has been dead for over 90 days, this is a place of rememberance, we come here to remember who Foxx once was. I think Foxx was a great jumper, others say Foxx was always stuck on abc 1. Either way this is where Foxx rests, and where all of Foxx's memories lay to rest. Rest in Peace in RIP in Peace.
Chubbs Aug 11 @ 12:14am 
-rep Fuck U Chubbs