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JungleMan Nov 13 @ 2:47pm ths is the guy I was talking about, the topic got locked LOL
Forcen Nov 4 @ 3:26pm 
If you contacted Steam support about it then they might respond. If you found a really old post about some other website then it be out of date, I think I edited that post?
i have never contacted anyone about this myself, I just relay the info.
Drink Nov 4 @ 3:22pm 
I scratched my steam code too hard, so I googled on steam on how to solve it. I saw a post and it was from you, so I was wondering how long it would take or if they even respond to you, or even if they help you redeem your steam card.
Forcen Nov 4 @ 3:20pm 
Why? Can't you make a thread somewhere?
Drink Nov 4 @ 3:18pm 
add me back please.