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😻Welcome to my profile.Stricly Not accepting random adds.Comment↓.Meeting you in game doesn't mean we're friends.

I clear my friendslist once in a while.Comment why you want to add me back.

Contact Rave for scrims/matches with Anti Toxin and Mytrle with 4e if I don't reply within 24 hours.

Competitive History-
Asia Fortress Cup
AFC11 Div 3- OTCD- Roamer and Captain 7th place

UGC Highlander
S14 - The |¢ĸ| Highlander Team Asian Division- Medic
S15 - Kingsmen HL Team- Pyro
S18 - Da HL Klub- Pyro Sub
S21 - OTCD- Pyro
S22 - Anti Toxin HL- Pyro/Medic/Soldier sub

UGC 6s
S? - Terrai Inconita- Roamer/Pocket
S20 - Da 6s Klub- Scout/Roamer/Pocket/Medic
S20 - SpudSquad (6s)- Roamer Sub(Ringer)
S20 - 52_B- Sub
S? - Butterfly Effect-Scout
S21 - BlightFlares- Captain and Multimain
S24 - Anti Toxin- Roamer sub
Been substitute for far too many teams.Could've left some out because I can't remember and I can't find the group.

UGC 4v4
S11 - The 4'Es

my scout main days are over,i can't hitscan

Mouse- Razer Abyssus -125hz -1800dpi
TF2 Sensitivity-1.76 Raw Input/Mouse Filter On.
Shitty 4yo Dell laptop with Lil Neko on the side.
Headset- Razer Kraken

Possibly.We're all going to die,it's a natural part of life.But if life has no purpose then you're dead already.~Kiba-Wolf's Rain
Secure your own mask before helping others.- Trigger Warning by Neil Gaiman pg~xiv
Cause sometimes to stay alive you've gotta kill your mind. Migraine- Twenty one pilots
*confused cat noises* -Niko from OneShot
Fate and Mathematics -A Thousand Pieces of You-Claudia Gray

Song of the day 💓🎼🎹🎶- #41 Hamilton - It's Quiet Uptown
osu! []

Stuff I've seen from other ppl -
Hemstar : I bet you signed up for prostitution

[8:59:13 PM] <kaz> full of micropenises

*DEAD* r4ve lf scrim : i want to fap wtf

Highmastet: "Hometuck's my favourite anime"

Ravɘ : im fking best spy in this server
Ravɘ : 1v1 me sapper
Ravɘ : only

*SPEC* Mytrlɘ : i am one with the rave the rave is one with me

Cal.V : You have a '4' in your name
Cal.V : = auto pro

kazboi: helen
kazboi: god of lag

Ravboi: Helen
Ravboi: leader of gods

WeeHoCVookie : Phl4rie tryhard
Phl4rie #rust : what else

Name- Phl4rie is a combination of Flare (Phlare) and Fairy.Since i used to main pyro and Sylveon is bae <3
Age- Get to know me first you stalker
Bday- August 14th.
Gender- ♀ - And I seriously aint one of those guys that fake being girls.
I will treat you like how you treat me. Unless you get on my nerves then expect me not to reply you.

This is the corner where I kil- 🔪
I mean this is my happy corner so gtfo.

<3 Thanks fur readin :3.
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