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Discord- Phl4rie404 #2366
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my brain

Be back after November 14th

Please it's Flarie not Phalrie.</3

I clear my friendslist once in a while.Comment why you want to add me back.

Competitive History-
Asia Fortress Cup
AFC11 Div 3 - OTCD- Roamer and Captain 7th place

UGC Highlander
S14 - The |¢ĸ| Highlander Team Asian Division- Medic
S15 - Kingsmen HL Team- Pyro
S18 - Da HL Klub- Pyro Sub
S21 - OTCD- Pyro
S22 - Anti Toxin HL- Pyro/Medic/Soldier sub

UGC 6s
S? - Terrai Inconita- Roamer/Pocket
S20 - Da 6s Klub- Scout/Roamer/Pocket/Medic
S20 - SpudSquad (6s)- Roamer Sub(Ringer)
S20 - 52_B- Sub
S? - Butterfly Effect-Scout
S21 - BlightFlares- Captain and Multimain
S24 - Anti Toxin- Roamer sub
Been substitute for far too many teams.Could've left some out because I can't remember and I can't find the group.

UGC 4v4
S11 - The 4'Es

Mouse- Razer Abyssus -125hz -1800dpi
TF2 Sensitivity-1.76 Raw Input/Mouse Filter On.
Shitty 4yo Dell laptop with Lil Neko on the side.
Headset- Razer Kraken

Successful Shiny Female Sylveon Clone count- x2

Possibly.We're all going to die,it's a natural part of life.But if life has no purpose then you're dead already.~Kiba-Wolf's Rain
Dream life over real life, that's my motto. -Chloe Elizabeth Price - Life is Strange-Before the Storm
With shortness of breath, I'll explain the infinite. How rare and beautiful it truely is that we exist. - Sleeping at Last-Saturn
Secure your own mask before helping others.- Trigger Warning by Neil Gaiman pg~xiv
Cause sometimes to stay alive you've gotta kill your mind. Migraine- Twenty one pilots
*confused cat noises* -Niko from OneShot
Fate and Mathematics -A Thousand Pieces of You-Claudia Gray
being concerned is what friends do for each other - Xefros-Hiveswap ACT 1

"If 'I love you",was a promise.Would you break it if you're honest?"-Billie Eillish-idontwannabeyouanymore

here's my shitty osu! []

Extra Info-
Name- Phl4rie is a combination of Flare (Phlare) and Fairy.Since i used to main pyro and Sylveon is bae
Age- Get to know me first you stalker
Bday- August 14th.
Gender- ♀ - And I seriously aint one of those guys that fake being girls.
Planning to get into Illustration in One Academy and Animation as a second career.
I will treat you like how you treat me. Unless you get on my nerves then expect me not to reply you.

This is the corner where I kil- 🔪
I mean this is my happy corner so gtfo.

<3 Thanks fur readin :3.
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ran out of space for chat logs, so here.
Phl4rie - Today at 1:41 PM
i'd like a man thats into fire breathing dragons
MingMan - Today at 1:46 PM
i'd like a man that can breathe fire instead
Phl4rie - Today at 1:46 PM
id like to be a dragon
MingMan - Today at 1:46 PM
i'd like to be a man
Phl4rie - Today at 1:46 PM
MingMan - Today at 1:46 PM

potato - Today at 8:56 PM
(i dont fucking care) x (i dont know)
i i dont dont fucking care know
(i dont fucking care)U(i dont know)
fucking dont know care


H4ze : rave: The fk is the difference between Tuesday and Tuesday anyways

9:01 PM - WinShi: whats up?
9:01 PM - sweet as apples: the ceiling

(TEAM) jolyne <3 : u callin a joestar a thot
(TEAM) jolyne <3 : ill fuckin ora ora u to death

Me in a shellnut-
9:29 PM - WinShi: im a funny mang <3
9:29 PM - sweet as apples: mang?
9:29 PM - sweet as apples: mang
9:29 PM - sweet as apples: mango
9:29 PM - sweet as apples: mangoes??
9:30 PM - WinShi: i just add the g cause it makes me lowkey retarded
9:29 PM - sweet as apples: mangosteen
9:29 PM - sweet as apples: ???
9:30 PM - WinShi: HAHHAHHA

R4ve : doesnt quack has like 200 accoutns


(Spectator) `c asi : do you wanna taste the casi flavor

When the autocorrect fails-
apples - Yesterday at 11:48 PM
Indulged in my very first 5 star girl there
This phone

11:45 PM - Phl4rie: you can tie a tie and i wonder if it would be a tie if you tied the tie to tie
11:52 PM - Screep: It would still be a tie

8:26 PM - Chinese Electric Batman: imma go rape a chicken
8:21 PM - quitting for 6months: LMAO

Castor: I want to fuck a cat

Michatrle: tagg is my favourite nigger

Hemstar : I bet you signed up for prostitution

[8:59:13 PM] <kaz> full of micropenises

*DEAD* r4ve lf scrim : i want to fap wtf

Highmastet: "Hometuck's my favourite anime"

Ravɘ : im fking best spy in this server
Ravɘ : 1v1 me sapper
Ravɘ : only

*SPEC* Mytrlɘ : i am one with the rave the rave is one with me

Cal.V : You have a '4' in your name
Cal.V : = auto pro

kazboi: helen
kazboi: god of lag

Ravboi: Helen
Ravboi: leader of gods

Gary Asiuss : comp player asshole bitch

WeeHoCVookie : Phl4rie tryhard
Phl4rie #rust : what else

9:15 PM - Chinese Electric Batman: I will poke uranus
9:15 PM - Chinese Electric Batman: from earth
9:15 PM - Chinese Electric Batman: ;3

Kaz- "Mytrle is Gay"

raven : helen go solly
Hemstar : Do you need medic
Hemstar : No rite :D
raven : i need pockit
raven : helen go medic
raven : i mean pyro
raven : SOLDIER


10:39 PM - Screep: What does IDK, LY and TTYL mean?
10:41 PM - Screep: Rave: i dont know babe , love you. talk to you later

Shmuggy - Today at 9:38 PM
I'm gonna go fap to wubby's face XD

12:50 AM - h4z3: raviating

9:30 PM - WinShi: "i use the original cause dicks are kewl" - phl4rie
9:23 PM - Phl4rie: k
9:23 PM - Phl4rie: not true

7:51 PM - WinShi: ill rub your original

"so i can sleep in peace thinking about rave" -mytrle

Phl4rie's infamous quote section-
CSGO joke : do ppl actually still name themeselves 'sans
*DEAD* phl4rie : its sansational

"yea i like 8-bit a bit cause it's 8-bit"-Phl4rie-2017 idk when

"do you real-alize something if it's not real?"-Phl4rie again 2017

"do i mind if i lost my mind?"-Phl4rieeee 2k17

9:44 PM - phl4rie: hai
9:44 PM - phl4rie: hows your
9:44 PM - phl4rie: braces
9:44 PM - phl4rie: did you brace for them?

10:12 PM - sunnyside up has changed their name to its fun to fantasize.
10:12 PM - sweet as apples: because its a
10:12 PM - sweet as apples: FANTA
10:12 PM - sweet as apples: SEA

*more to come*

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kiwimell Oct 20 @ 6:22am 
Phl4rie - Today at 9:19 PM
I take my coffee like i take my men
I dont
kiwimell Oct 20 @ 6:20am 
Phl4rie - Today at 9:19 PM
ye i take my coffee like i take my mem
cannot Oct 14 @ 9:31pm 
added for trade
kiwimell Oct 8 @ 5:07am 
flurrie <3: I like to be cool tho
xdstalememes Oct 1 @ 6:08am 
reported for reporting a kid for just smoking weed (no swag lolxd)
xdstalememes Oct 1 @ 5:52am 
i just smoked weed yesterday, now its uncut coke