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Discord- Phl4rie404 #2366

Please it's Flarie not Phalrie.</3


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Competitive History-
Asia Fortress Cup
AFC11 Div 3 - OTCD- Roamer and Captain 7th place
AFC13 Div 3 - Toucans'- Sub Soldier

UGC Highlander
S14 - The |¢ĸ| Highlander Team Asian Division- Medic
S15 - Kingsmen HL Team- Pyro
S18 - Da HL Klub- Pyro Sub
S21 - OTCD- Pyro
S22 - Anti Toxin HL- Pyro/Medic/Soldier sub
S23 - Tekkadan - Sub

UGC 6s
S? - Terrai Inconita- Roamer/Pocket
S20 - Da 6s Klub- Scout/Roamer/Pocket/Medic
S20 - SpudSquad (6s)- Roamer Sub(Ringer)
S20 - 52_B- Sub
S? - Butterfly Effect-Scout
S21 - BlightFlares- Captain and Multimain
S24 - Anti Toxin- Roamer sub
S26 -Ogygia - Sub
Been substitute for far too many teams.Could've left some out because I can't remember and I can't find the group.

UGC 4v4
S11 - The 4'Es

Mouse- Razer Abyssus -125hz -1800dpi
TF2 Sensitivity-1.76 Raw Input/Mouse Filter On.
Dell Gaming Series laptop with Lil Neko on the side.
Headset- Razer Kraken

Successful Shiny Female Sylveon Clone count- x2

Quote Box-
Possibly.We're all going to die,it's a natural part of life.But if life has no purpose then you're dead already. ~Kiba-Wolf's Rain
Dream life over real life, that's my motto. -Chloe Elizabeth Price - Life is Strange-Before the Storm
Secure your own mask before helping others.- Trigger Warning by Neil Gaiman pg~xiv
The truth behind one's charm is kindness. Become a good person. That is all."— Reigen Arataka to Shigeo 'Mob' Kageyama.
being concerned is what friends do for each other - Xefros-Hiveswap ACT 1
*confused cat noises* -Niko from OneShot

"If 'I love you",was a promise.Would you break it if you're honest?"-Billie Eillish-idontwannabeyouanymore
With shortness of breath, I'll explain the infinite. How rare and beautiful it truely is that we exist. - Sleeping at Last-Saturn
Cause sometimes to stay alive you've gotta kill your mind. Migraine- Twenty one pilots

From me-

"Enjoy everything life gives you and live it till the fullest."
"Take the hits of those that want to tear you down and use it to strengthen yourself."
"Kindness given is kindness repaid"

here's my shitty osu! [osu.ppy.sh]

Extra Info-
Name- Phl4rie is a combination of Flare (Phlare) and Fairy.Since i used to main pyro and Sylveon is bae
Age- Get to know me first you stalker
Bday- August 14th.
Gender- ♀ - And I seriously aint one of those guys that fake being girls.

I will treat you like how you treat me. Unless you get on my nerves then expect me not to reply you.

This is the corner where I kil- 🔪
I mean this is my happy corner so gtfo.

<3 Thanks fur readin :3.
Currently In-Game
Team Fortress 2
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Hall of "Fame"
ran out of space for chat logs, so here.
Hemstar : You should get the driving license faster.
Phl4rie : Why?
Hemstar : So you could run over Mytrle

Mytrle : I just killed my press bind

Neo Pootter☄ : whore

*DEAD* 🔥 Mytrle 🔥 : Hemmy
🔥 Hemstar : ;<
*DEAD* 🔥 Mytrle 🔥 : is ma bb

ily nayeon ♡ : zysfy stiffy

"China guy is going ching chong on our entire team"-Winshi 2017

Jeremy : im just feeding lol
carry : feed doesnt exist int f2
.phl4rie lft hl : it does exist since you're the definition of it

pablo gonzales.2005 : suck my jigglypuff

is my name that hard to pronounce?
[SG] Angry Aztec : I'm talking to ph4lic.
how do people even mess it up???

potato - Today at 10:40 PM
ao men
ow men


H4ze : rave: The fk is the difference between Tuesday and Tuesday anyways

9:01 PM - WinShi: whats up?
9:01 PM - sweet as apples: the ceiling

(TEAM) jolyne <3 : u callin a joestar a thot
(TEAM) jolyne <3 : ill fuckin ora ora u to death

R4ve : doesnt quack has like 200 accoutns


9:06 PM - BANGON PILIPINAS: my wangdanglejangledoodledoo?

(Spectator) `c asi : do you wanna taste the casi flavor

When the autocorrect fails-
apples - Yesterday at 11:48 PM
Indulged in my very first 5 star girl there
This phone

8:26 PM - Chinese Electric Batman: imma go rape a chicken
8:21 PM - quitting for 6months: LMAO

Castor: I want to fuck a cat

Michatrle: tagg is my favourite nigger

Hemstar : I bet you signed up for prostitution

[8:59:13 PM] <kaz> full of micropenises

*DEAD* r4ve lf scrim : i want to fap wtf

Highmastet: "Hometuck's my favourite anime"

Ravɘ : im fking best spy in this server
Ravɘ : 1v1 me sapper
Ravɘ : only

*SPEC* Mytrlɘ : i am one with the rave the rave is one with me

Cal.V : You have a '4' in your name
Cal.V : = auto pro

kazboi: helen
kazboi: god of lag

Ravboi: Helen
Ravboi: leader of gods

Gary Asiuss : comp player asshole bitch

WeeHoCVookie : Phl4rie tryhard
Phl4rie #rust : what else

9:15 PM - Chinese Electric Batman: I will poke uranus
9:15 PM - Chinese Electric Batman: from earth
9:15 PM - Chinese Electric Batman: ;3

Kaz- "Mytrle is Gay"

raven : helen go solly
Hemstar : Do you need medic
Hemstar : No rite :D
raven : i need pockit
raven : helen go medic
raven : i mean pyro
raven : SOLDIER


10:39 PM - Screep: What does IDK, LY and TTYL mean?
10:41 PM - Screep: Rave: i dont know babe , love you. talk to you later

Shmuggy - Today at 9:38 PM
I'm gonna go fap to wubby's face XD

12:50 AM - h4z3: raviating

9:30 PM - WinShi: "i use the original cause dicks are kewl" - phl4rie
9:23 PM - Phl4rie: k
9:23 PM - Phl4rie: not true

7:51 PM - WinShi: ill rub your original

"so i can sleep in peace thinking about rave" -mytrle

Phl4rie's infamous quote section-
CSGO joke : do ppl actually still name themeselves 'sans
*DEAD* phl4rie : its sansational

"yea i like 8-bit a bit cause it's 8-bit"-Phl4rie-2017 idk when

"do you real-alize something if it's not real?"-Phl4rie again 2017

"do i mind if i lost my mind?"-Phl4rieeee 2k17

9:44 PM - phl4rie: hai
9:44 PM - phl4rie: hows your
9:44 PM - phl4rie: braces
9:44 PM - phl4rie: did you brace for them?

10:12 PM - sunnyside up has changed their name to its fun to fantasize.
10:12 PM - sweet as apples: because its a
10:12 PM - sweet as apples: FANTA
10:12 PM - sweet as apples: SEA

*more to come*

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thanks for helping me beat undertale genocide run
your guide was super helpful and I learned a lot from it
but ur sans guide was pretty wrong
he actually shoots laser at u not projectile pls correct thnx +rep
also merry christmas pyro main