Sean "Professional Musician" Gorter   Boston, Massachusetts, United States
Flare . Last name, Gorter. Occupation, procrastinator. Dream, entertainer. Reality, bottom feeder. Gender, helicopter. Arrogant, you betcher. Hit me up to ring for your scrims/matches, or just for a laugh.

About me:
Who am I? I'm a pianist, an uncertified shrink, a gamer, and an amateur philosopher, roughly in that order. I'm an 19 year old guy who lives in Massachusetts. I'm very down to earth and open, and I go for the simple choices for complex reasons. Talk to me anytime!

What do I do? I compose, arrange, perform, and study music for people's enjoyment. I play Team Fortress 2 as my main game on Steam, and I main Spy, Demo, Pyro, and Medic, also in that order. I dream of scaling mountains and treading oceans, but mostly procrastinate in that regard.

Where can I be found? At the piano, playing my lack of a "real" social life away. Then in Team Fortress 2, playing the time between lobbies away in pubs. I also run a Minecraft server for my friends and I to frolic in and smell the roses. You're all invited, just ask!

Why should you care? Well, you probably shouldn't. But I'm here regardless, so if you wanna hit me up feel free to, I won't bite! And if you just want a hug or two, I also provide those pro bono . Seriously though, hugs are the best and anyone who says otherwise is a filthy liar.

That wraps things up folks, nice hopefully meeting y'all, and have a good day!

Competitive experience:
- Leader/Main Spy of Artifice :: Highlander
- Main Medic for The Law :: 6v6
- Main Engie/Spy for Wrath of the Callipygians :: Highlander
- Sub Spy for BabyCakes :: Highlander
- Main Medic for Virtual :: 6v6
- Main Spy/Medic for Diaper Recyclers :: Highlander
- Sub All-class for Ageha :: Highlander
moved to the US
- Main Pyro/Demo for Jackie Chan Fan Club :: Silver Highlander
- Main Pyro for The Accidents :: Silver Highlander
- Main Demo for The Worst Guys :: Silver Highlander
- Main Demo for Team Low Expectations :: Silver 6v6
- Sub All-class / Coach for Actual Fridges :: Steel Highlander
- Coach for Ignorant Intellectuals :: Steel 6v6

Mouse settings:
1800 dpi, 1.5 sensitivity, raw input (6.1 in/15.4 cm per 360)

You think that's high, I used to play at 3500dpi, 3.65 in-game

Stories I love:
- The Shining (1980 film)
- Kara no Kyoukai (2007 animated film series)
- Avatar: The Last Airbender (2005 animated series)
- No Country For Old Men (2007 film)
- Spec Ops: The Line (2007 video game)
- Taxi Driver (1976 film)
- Bioshock Infinite (2013 video game)
- Ex Machina (2015 film)
- Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1975 film}
- The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (2015 video game) [planning to buy the books]

Me elsewhere on the internet:
- My Twitch [www.twitch.tv]
- My Soundcloud [www.soundcloud.com]
- A really intellectual tumblr page I run [heavymusings.tumblr.com]
- My gaming YouTube
- My sheet music resource [flaresheets.wordpress.com]

Other names I've been given:
- fler
- flur
- Phler
- Flair
- Flour
- Flower
- floor
- Flarity
- fleur
- fliar

See you around, sir/madam!

Dota heroes that I still don't have sets for, if you catch my meaning *hint hint*

Ogre Magi
Phantom Lancer
Shadow Demon
Shadow Fiend

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Pulitzer Prize Winner: Best Quote Wall of 2016
Neroko: Don't wear shirts
Neroko: Yeah, you'd like that wouldn't you
Neroko: :v
Flare: I'm into womanly women
Flare: So no
Flare: ;D
Neroko: Sean that hurts so much
Neroko: :c
Neroko: I'm just smol
Flare: It can't hurt as much as Harambe
Neroko: Hot damn boi
Neroko: btw you better have meant that I was too girly ono
Flare: You're a small little girl
Neroko: and smol and not enuf mature
Flare: And I like mature women
Neroko: ye
Neroko: yay~
Flare: You're basically
Neroko: I'm a smol gril
Flare: A fetus
Neroko: ok wow
Flare: :D
Neroko: gg
Flare: #rekt #dicksout
Neroko: Not even #shotsfired
Neroko: This is straight up #atomicbomb

Neroko: That was before your friend set her on fire and kicked her out the window
Neroko: :p
Flare: Well, I guess it just goes to show that she's...
Flare: ...supa hot fiyah
Neroko: no puns
Neroko: Sum boi
Neroko: sum
Flare: Damn it just let me fucking pun already

Deuz: Let me know if you got time for me to play
Deuz: *wink* *wink*
Flare: You can play with my
Flare: you know what
Flare: nah
Deuz: You're definetely bi

d1rty little toilet paper: I'm trying to do a 180 above me atm
d1rty little toilet paper: I'd say that is like 150 degree above?
Flare: hey
Flare: hey buddy
Flare: I got a little math question for you
d1rty little toilet paper: ye
d1rty little toilet paper: sure
Flare: If Murphy sends a 50 word message to Sean
Flare: But Sean replies with a message where 0 words respond to Murphy's message
Flare: How many fucks does Sean give?
d1rty little toilet paper: I believe we need to solve the infamous 'srgorter ordinary linear differential equation for no fucks given' to solve that
d1rty little toilet paper: To answer that*
d1rty little toilet paper: However the answer is usually -20
d1rty little toilet paper: Not only does srgorter not give a fuck, he gives NEGATIVE fucks
Flare: I think the problem is that the number of fucks given can get infinitely close to, but never be, one
d1rty little toilet paper: Ah I see
Flare: So Sean can never be said to truly give a fuck
d1rty little toilet paper: so even with infinite terms in the sequence, with the terms being shit people say, the value doesn't even converge to zero with infinite terms
d1rty little toilet paper: Because it was already 0 to begin with
Flare: Indeed
Flare: It's theoretically possible for Sean to give >1 fucks if he were to respond with a higher word count in his message relating to the original query
Flare: But such a case has never been practically observed
d1rty little toilet paper: So he's just fucking with people when he writes more than k, making them consider the possiblity of the rare fuck given without the fuck existing to begin with
d1rty little toilet paper: Which means the number of fucks given that people assumed from srgorter's longer than usual sentence was just a dummy variable

FlareDoesHomework Jebaited: Since you kind of knew everything before everyone else, you have copyright claims on all knowledge
FlareDoesHomework Jebaited: Don't you?
FlareDoesHomework Jebaited: I mean I heard a rumour that you solved the first quadratic equation
FlareDoesHomework Jebaited: Before it was even discovered
Flare: Between you and me, I've already invented time travel
Flare: I accidentally dropped the quadratic equation while visiting ancient Greece
Flare: And then I returned to the present and found out Pythagoras stole it, the little shit
FlareDoesHomework Jebaited: Oh damn
FlareDoesHomework Jebaited: Yeah I also heard Riemann never actually did any maths
FlareDoesHomework Jebaited: He snuck his way into your house and stole that shit from right under your bed, the bastard
FlareDoesHomework Jebaited: And everyone thinks HE'S the genius
Flare: See, that's actually a historical misconception
Flare: Riemann and I were good friends, and he was a decent mathematician
Flare: But just DECENT, not great
Flare: I filled in most of the blanks in his hypotheses
Flare: Can you believe he initially thought the real part of every non-trivial zero in the zeta function was 1/3?
Flare: I didn't know how he managed to pull that number out of his ass but I smacked it out of him quick
FlareDoesHomework Jebaited: What about his hypothesis
FlareDoesHomework Jebaited: Everyone's going on about how it hasn't been proved for 150 years
FlareDoesHomework Jebaited: Or at the very least, only a part of it has been proved with computers
FlareDoesHomework Jebaited: How the hell did you give him the idea for something like that?
FlareDoesHomework Jebaited: I even heard Einstein used to use the funds he had allocated towards his future from being a jew
FlareDoesHomework Jebaited: For getting private classes with you, so he'd get the hand of how relativity works to write his research papers
Flare: Ah, young Al
Flare: He made a good investment in those classes
Flare: But once he left my classroom he started getting these strange ideas about relativity and the nature of spacetime
Flare: And now he has the whole world buying it
FlareDoesHomework Jebaited: His mental capacity was too weak for the concepts you taught him I presume?
Flare: I just think he didn't catch up on his work in the lessons he skipped
Flare: What a cunt he was, honestly, always shagging the female students in my class
Flare: That's my job, damn it
Flare: Anyway, all I'm saying is, he's the reason physicists haven't been able to reconcile general relativity with quantum mechanics
Flare: They're applying two different frameworks when the correct solution is just one whole one
FlareDoesHomework Jebaited: The fact that you sound like you actually know everything when you do this
FlareDoesHomework Jebaited: never ceases to fucking amaze me

Flare: Ya boy got Nice Voice Privilege
n1gger of the sands: what're you on about
Flare: Society systemically benefits people with nice voices
n1gger of the sands: Ha.
n1gger of the sands: Check your voice priviliege
n1gger of the sands: Or I'll have to contact the autotune police
Flare: And marginalizes the squeakers
n1gger of the sands: You don't want to be fighting me on equal terms.
n1gger of the sands: Internalised voicegyny hm?
n1gger of the sands: You feel good about yourself?
n1gger of the sands: Systematically oppressing non sexy voice individuals?
Flare: No, I feel voice guilt over it
n1gger of the sands: Good
n1gger of the sands: Think of all the women you have made wet
n1gger of the sands: Without consent
n1gger of the sands: Without consent Mr. Gorter
Flare: Oh god, what a monster I am
n1gger of the sands: How does it feel to have raped people with your bare voice?
n1gger of the sands: And you're also half white
n1gger of the sands: Don't forget that part

🎄 SnowAngel 🎄: also i wanna be an elf
Flare: Yeah but being an elf is like meeeeeeh
Flare: But being an IMPERIAL is like WOOOOOAAAHH
Flare: Gotta cash in on that Imperialism you feel me
🎄 SnowAngel 🎄: i was an imperial
🎄 SnowAngel 🎄: but ehhh
🎄 SnowAngel 🎄: i'm all about that wood elf life
🎄 SnowAngel 🎄: i feel like if i were a wood elf, i could sing and birds would dress me in the morning
Flare: Yeah but if you were an Imperial, you could sing and *I* would dress you in the morning
🎄 SnowAngel 🎄: either way a girl needs some help
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Flare May 19 @ 2:32pm 
People respect me too much kiddo
FOGHOLADEH May 18 @ 2:08pm 
no one even shitposts on your wall when i am gone you fucking suck dude
FOGHOLADEH Apr 25 @ 5:25pm 
Just watched the demo after a highly suspicious game from Mr Cheater. Just to clarify i am by no means a pro or even good player, but i consider myself to be fairly decent (i'm between DMG and LE). After finishing a game 45-15 against myself AND my friend who i queued with (he is Global) we decided to investigate. This fuckin scumbag is DEFINITELY a cheater. Not the blatant fuckin aimbot spinning cheater who runs around with duelies hs left and right. This one is far less conspicious with his mischiefs. My friend says that he is probably using a cheat called organner, which supposedly is really well crafted and hard to detect. what undeniably uses though is wallhack.
That's all i have to say and report this fucker please
FOGHOLADEH Apr 22 @ 6:37am 
I sexually Identify as a Bernie Sanders. Ever since I was a boy I dreamed of soaring over America dropping free college on disgusting Republicans. People say to me that a winning the nomination is Impossible and I'm fucking retarded but I don't care, I'm beautiful. I'm having a plastic surgeon shave my head and install Glasses and dank memes on my body. From now on I want you guys to call me "Bernie" and respect my right to give from above and make dank memes needlessly. If you can't accept me you're a berniephobe and need to check your socialist privilege. Thank you for being so understanding.
FOGHOLADEH Apr 22 @ 6:37am 
I'm Bernie Sanders, and this is my failed campaign. I work here with my old man Stalin, and the bolsheviks. Everything in here has a tax and a price. And after 74 years, you never know WHO is gonna get healthcare next.
FOGHOLADEH Apr 16 @ 11:03pm 
haha and then what? :)