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not where i live :) ---->   California, United States
Welcome to my World of Boredom
Famous Demotivating Quotes from Not-Famous People
"Give Up" -Brain
"I'm coming to get you" -Examinations
"Ooooooh you're gonna suffer so bad" -School

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I do not own this Profile Picture, if the real owner wishes for this picture to be taken down, I will change it as soon as possible.

Anyways, if you wanna add me, please do leave a reason why on the comments. If you don't, I will still ask you after I accept the Friend Request...

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Welcome to my Profile Mate.
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My Profile Of Nothing
Some Information

Name: Nathaniel
Nickname: Nat
Birthday: 17 November 2003
Likes: nothing
Dislikes: a lot of things
Favourite Game (Currently): PAYDAY 2: Ultimate Edition

Emoticon Collection

...and of course, my priceless apple.

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Special Thanks

Screaming Evil★cstf★ for making a profile picture for my groups

Top Donators (Name at time of Donation)

1. iNet (Entire inventory worth more than 2 keys)
2. screaming evil★cstf★ (1 Sniper Shako and 23 Ref)
3. 💎Splash🐾™ (Rancho Relaxo and a few items)
4.JustYourAverageFurry (1 Tour of Duty Ticket)
5. ❤️Śpacey❤ (1 Strange Carbonado Sniper Rifle Mk.I)

About +/- reps

Although I do agree +/- reps are worthless, I don't mind if I get them. However, if -reps do not have valid reason, may be deleted. -reps that are meant to be a joke will not be deleted. If -reps do have valid reason, it will not be deleted. I will still keep it there and learn from the mistake.
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Hανє α ηιcє ωєєк ^^