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Tratiax Feb 10 @ 11:54am 
Za Warudo, Toki Wa Tomare
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THE HλLF-LIFER Aug 26, 2014 @ 4:45pm 
THE HλLF-LIFER Aug 22, 2014 @ 9:53pm 
wot the fok did ye just say 2 me m8? i dropped out of newcastle primary skool im the sickest bloke ull ever meet & ive nicked ova 300 chocolate globbernaughts frum tha corner shop. im trained in street fitin' & im the strongest foker in tha entire newcastle gym. yer nothin to me but a cheeky lil bellend w/ a fit mum & fakebling ill waste u and smash a fokin bottle oer yer head bruv, i swer 2 christ. ya think u can fokin run ya gabber at me whilst sittin on yer arse behind a lil screen? think again wanka. im callin me homeboys rite now preparin for a proper scrap. A roomble thatll make ur nan sore jus hearin about it. yer a waste bruv me crew be all over tha place & ill beat ya to a proper fokin pulp with me fists wanka but it seems yea stupid lil twat, innit? ima shite fury & ull drown in it m8. ur ina proper mess knob