I Can't Stop Thinking About Playing Donkey Kong Country 2   Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
I haven't been truly unhappy in months :)
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What is it? Where is it? How will it effect me?
Me Vs. The World
you can't touch this dick.
Swallowed... Way to much... Couldn't... Handle it I fell... Down a... Spiral... Staircase... Winding to hell.......
I live down the street from you've, noticed me i've never seen you.

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Savior joined (nearby player)
Savior: hi
Lori: hey
Greasy: yo
Knixerin-oh?: O HAI XD
Savior left
w h a t: ontario
ummm: damn
w h a t: canada
ummm: a fucking l e a f
w h a t: frig off bud
ummm : go play some hockey ya hooser
w h a t: if you wanna fuckin tilly then lets go
Ping-Pong: TILLY
Ping-Pong: HA
w h a t: ill put yer head in the fuckin snow bank
[Stkz] Bandit : Greasy
[Stkz] Bandit : You're a cool dude
● Greasy : i hate you
[Stkz] Bandit : :D
● Greasy : shut up
JosephUtopia (Dead): can you just tell me where you were?
+$3000 (Team): Enemy team eliminated
● GreasyGaijin (Dead): in your mums bed ;)
● Shiro: Im smashin
✪The Nigge.r {LINK REMOVED} (Dead): lol
✪The Nigge.r {LINK REMOVED} (Dead): nice prefire
Abused Nico: how the fuck do you prefire with a scout?
>> Warmup Mode.
● Greasy: can i toggle?
atomic chronic: yes
Asttro: sure
● Greasy: you guys wont report?
Asttro: nope
atomic chronic: nope
● Greasy: promise?
atomic chronic: i swear
● Greasy (Dead): <3
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Fire Aug 4 @ 4:28pm 
-rep bimpy nibber
LiadriN Jul 28 @ 2:23pm 
+rep best canadian
CoClan | Oliviarose Apr 30 @ 5:16pm 
+rep you're pretty rad dude
scurt scurt Apr 8 @ 9:00pm 
is a dank meme a++++
Batman Mar 30 @ 12:10am 
-rep fallout shelter is made to be played on the iphone game console, not made for the pc, ya big blob