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 Additional Information Box (^• ω •^)
I accept your friend invite if...
Your profile page is set on Public or Friend Only.
You have profile picture (preferably mostly anime).
You are a Danganronpa fan. Radiohead and Touhou fan is also welcome (Or at least like the game/serie).
You can speak/write English or Slovenian. (May understand a little of Norwegian and Danish)
You have invested cash on your account.
Your description on summary and other info field boxes are appropiate for most of users, not written about negativity, racism, infringement and coarse language. Or empty
Your Profile Name/Real Name is not contain vulgar stuff. (See above)
You provide some info on your profile page, in English
You have invested enough of cash on your account.
We have common of Friends and Groups
You like/respect anime, visual novel, manga and related stuff.
You are active on activity feed.
You played with me once before.
You can tell that I copypasted this off someone else's profile and that it's just a shitpost

Do NOT add me if...
Your profile is private.
Your profile/real name have a "link" and game tag included.
You're not active on any community.
You cannot speak/write English.
You are not being nice, polite and respectful.
You say hi and so on/recently added me, and then delete me. Or secretly deletes me in several days later.
You RP or ERP with me.
You want to play CS:GO, TF2 and Dota 2 with me.
You want to trade with me with my items.
You are Anime/Manga/Visual Novel, Weeaboo and Slovenia Hater.
You annoy me with horrific, immature and juvenile jokes.
You despise the requirements.
You asking me after unpredictable questions and consulting service.
You are trying to scam me.
You begging me for free stuff and rate and fav your screenshots/artworks constantly.
You have a lot of +/- rep comments on your profile.
Your comments are full of cringy.
You keep deleting your comments on your profile page.
You sending me a harmful link on comment, activity feed and messenger.
You accuse and whine about my own activities.

You're only allowed to be offline for 14 days, I can make an exception if you notify me in advance. If you're offline more than 14 days without telling me, you will be deleted.

Be active (or semi) on activity feed, I loathes silent people who doing nothing but only gaming or idling. (*´○∧○`*)

Please, don't send me game invites constantly. Instead, encourage me for joining the game(If I own the same game as yours), otherwise it will annoy me a lot. >.< You may send a game invite one time without asking me though. :3

I sometimes tend do add you as a friend if you seems to be nice and interesting person. But if the friend invite is pending about more or less than 24 hours I will toss it away and probably won't add you again (Until you add me). ;3

If you've deleted me before and add, then comment the reason and I might consider to keep you in my friend list. If it happens once again, I won't accept you anymore. .w.'
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Fewie Oct 13 @ 5:05am 
woah please no bully me ,will no add. stfu nerd i honestly should come to your house and kick you ass kiddo.
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hey bruh follow me on myspace
Noire Oct 9 @ 1:00pm 
pee and poo poo XD
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