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The game for those who are tired of fast paced shooters and seek for elegant combat with dance like sensation

  Fistful of Frags was made by a huge western genre fan. The whole game breathes out hot, wild-west air right into your face as soon as you launch it and hear the menu score. Buildings look right, weapons feel good, character models are authentic. Must play if you are into "Good, Bad, Ugly" kinda movies. Steam Store trailer does a good job selling it's game showing an actual in-game footage which, in my experience, gives an accurate representation of what actually awaits for you in FoF. My review is aimed to tell you what it DOES NOT show.

  Fistful of Frags is a frustruating encounter. You are not the main protagonist, so when it comes for bunch of people wanting you dead, outcome is predetermined. What makes it different from any other multiplayer based FPS is the reason of your defeat. When someone kills you, it's plain obvious you've been outskilled. You can't get lucky here nor practice fast reflexes. You lose because your opponent shoots better, knows how to use his body more agile or is wittier than you. Needless to say, the feel you get after defeat is different from the feel when somebody snipes you all the way across a map, which you can shrugg off with: "damn camper". No excuses in FoF: to kill you must come close and engage in deadly tango which ends with one laying still and the other walking tall.

  Combat system in FoF is easy to underestand, hard to learn and neckbreaking hard to master. If you want to lay shots accurately, you have to stand still. Running, jumping, climbing - all this reduces bullet chances to hit a target to literally 1%. The main tradeoff of slowing down must be obvious. You may have a considerable percantage for your bullet going where you send it, but this percentage is in an inverse relationship with survival. You have to be constantly on a move, stopping only to lay a perfect shot. Every miss may cost you victory. Deadly tango wasn't just figurative speech, the combat does have a strong resemblance to dancing. Step right, step left. Slow down. Speed up. Shoot. Pass some whiskey. Predicting your enemy is essential defencive skill and pressing shift to slow down is as important as landing headshots.

  I've taken a valuable gift from Fistful of Frags. The ability to relax even in stressful situations and approach the problem with sooth, yet firm grip. And no, I don't promote some ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥t "positive thoghts lead to positive actions" kinda idea. I mean to say, this game is harsh and if you want to enjoy it, you have to relax to the state of a monk sitting in the temple full of aroma candles. I observed not once, not twice, but hundreds of times when people in chat were swearing their nerves out, cursing this game and everyone who plays it. Take my advise: do not attemp this game if you hope to show everyone Clint Eastwood's talant for shooting. You will be put to dirt rather quick.

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