I play ass retarded vidya gaems (mainly oldschool FPS, JRPGs and japanese games in general. Western games are also fine but I'll generally not bother with most AAA games released post 2007).

If you want anything or just feel like calling me a faggot for whatever reason feel free to add me. I don't mind.

I've also been a huge Ys fan since 1997 and in recent months I went and re-worked a collection of soundtracks so they are usable in the Steam/GOG/Pirate Bay versions of the games. I'll add more if someone has specific requests or whenever I'm not feeling lazy.

Download link to what's currently available (remove the spaces because Steam is shit):
mega . nz/#F!qUhxVRbJ!HS4yM5V7f8Ik468laEGZ-g
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Falcom games progress
Ys I & II - Finished all console versions and every home computer version you can emulate (Ys II Special included). Haven't bothered with mobile releases.
Ys III - Same deal as I & II.
Ys IV - SFC, PCE-CD and PS2 all finished. Dawn finished in japanese first.
Ys V - SFC [Regular and Expert] and PS2 all finished.
Ys I & II ETERNAL/COMPLETE/Eternal Story/Chronicles[PC/PSP] - All versions beaten on all difficulties.
Ys VI - PS2 and Original PC versions beaten on all difficulties, PSP version dropped. Need to do Nightmare Catastrophe on Steam.
Ys: The Oath in Felghana - Done up to Hard. Have yet to attempt Nightmare and Inferno.
Ys Origin - Finished Original PC version on Normal. Did Yunica: Normal, Hugo: Hard and Toal: Nightmare on Steam release. Have no real desire to play it anymore.
Legacy of Ys: Book I & II - Dropped halfway through Ys I, couldn't stand it.
Ys SEVEN - All difficulties beaten on Vita. Emulated version beaten once on normal. GOG version beaten once on hard.
Ys: Memories of Celceta - Vita version beaten on all difficulties. Windows version beaten once on normal.
Ys VIII - Vita demo completed. Tried 3DM ver-OHJESUSCHRISTITSUCKSASS!
Ys Typing Tutor - Played for a bit, was amazed it exists.
Ys Strategy - Forced myself through it. Not touching it again.
Ys Online - Made it to the main menu.

Legend of Heroes
Dragon Slayer: The Legend of Heroes - PCE-CD version finished.
Gagharv Trilogy - On my to-do list.
Trails in the Sky FC - Finished on Normal.
Trails in the Sky SC - I have a save about 10 hours in. Will get back to it at some point.
Trails of Cold Steel - Finished on Normal.
Nayuta no Kiseki - Finished on Normal.

Misc Titles
Panorama Toh - Played for a bit. On my to-do list, need to rank up my autism first.
Dragon Slayer - PC-88 version finished, Saturn version couldn't bother with, Dragon Slayer's just a pain to sit through.
Asteka II - Tried Saturn version, but lost interest.
Xanadu - Played PC-88 version, but haven't finished. On my to-do list.
Romancia - Finished Famicom version.
Star Trader - Played PC-88 version, finished X68K version.
Dinosaur - Played PC-88 and Windows versions, but haven't finished either. Hoping for translation.
Legacy of the Wizard: NES version finished.
Sorcerian - Genesis version finished. Windows version is on to-do list.
Brandish - PSP and SNES version finished. PC-98 is on to do-list.
Brandish 2 - SNES version finished. PC-98 is on to-do list.
Legend of Xanadu - Tried PCE-CD version. Waiting for the translation patch to release.
Popful Mail - SEGA CD version finished, PCE-CD and PC-98 versions are on to-do list. Dropped SFC version.
Lord Monarch - Windows version is on to-do list.
Vantage Master - Played Vantage Master Online for quite some time, have yet to finish it though.
Zwei!! - Played PSP version for a while, haven't finished.
Xanadu Next - Dropped original PC release due to techincal issues. Finished Steam version.
Gurumin - Got a save file about halfway through the game. Will finish it at some point.
Ys vs Sora no Kiseki - Several story routes finished. Hoping it gets an english patch one day.

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Doomlord Nov 26 @ 10:10am 
Half Minute Hero? Yeah, I played it on PSP years ago.
Lunaria the demon lord Nov 26 @ 10:03am 
I'm here just to said it to your face that your name has been enlisted as one of the perfect human being in my list now. Not only you're a fan of Ys which I hardly found around myself, but you're also equiping One Way Heroics badge (like me). I've never felt this exciting before. It's so freaking hard to find ones who have exactly a taste in video games similar to me.

I have played all Ys main games except SFC ones which I'd rather not bother with it as I wouldn't have much fun because of the generation gap, just going to wait for rework/remade like other games. Of all games, I love the story of I&II the most.

Are you by any chance played 30 Second Yuusha too?
Shougil Nov 6 @ 11:08am 
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If you are a beautiful strong ninja turtle, someone will put this on your comments.
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link76000 Sep 29 @ 10:14am 
Spend a great WK-ED
DJMatus Sep 20 @ 6:47am 
Thanks for the awesome music. It is making my Ys II playthough that much more enjoyable and bringing me back sweet childhoot memories, at the same time. Best regards.
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