Professional basement dweller, lover of DooM, JRPGs and japanese vidya in general. Hardcore Ysfag since the age of 5.
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Favorite Game
Falcom games progress
Ys I & II - Finished all console versions and every home computer version you can emulate (Ys II Special included). Haven't bothered with mobile releases.
Ys III - Same deal as I & II.
Ys IV - SFC, PCE-CD and PS2 all finished. Dawn finished in japanese first.
Ys V - SFC [Regular and Expert] and PS2 all finished.
Ys I & II ETERNAL/COMPLETE/Eternal Story/Chronicles[PC/PSP] - All versions beaten on all difficulties.
Ys VI - PS2 and Original PC versions beaten on all difficulties, PSP version dropped. Need to do Nightmare Catastrophe on Steam.
Ys: The Oath in Felghana - Done up to Hard. Have yet to attempt Nightmare and Inferno.
Ys Origin - Finished Original PC version on Normal. Did Yunica: Normal, Hugo: Hard and Toal: Nightmare on Steam release. Have no real desire to play it anymore.
Legacy of Ys: Book I & II - Dropped halfway through Ys I, couldn't stand it.
Ys SEVEN - All difficulties beaten on Vita. Emulated version beaten once on normal.
Ys: Memories of Celceta - Vita version beaten on all difficulties. Windows version beaten once on normal.
Ys VIII - Vita demo completed.
Ys Typing Tutor - Played for a bit, was amazed it exists.
Ys Strategy - Forced myself through it. Not touching it again.
Ys Online - Made it to the main menu.

Legend of Heroes
Dragon Slayer: The Legend of Heroes - PCE-CD version finished.
Gagharv Trilogy - On my to-do list.
Trails in the Sky FC - Finished on Normal.
Trails in the Sky SC - I have a save about 10 hours in. Will get back to it at some point.
Trails of Cold Steel - Finished on Normal.
Nayuta no Kiseki - Finished on Normal.

Misc Titles
Panorama Toh - Played for a bit. On my to-do list, need to rank up my autism first.
Dragon Slayer - PC-88 version finished, Saturn version couldn't bother with, Dragon Slayer's just a pain to sit through.
Asteka II - Tried Saturn version, but lost interest.
Xanadu - Played PC-88 version, but haven't finished. On my to-do list.
Romancia - Finished Famicom version.
Star Trader - Played PC-88 version, finished X68K version.
Dinosaur - Played PC-88 and Windows versions, but haven't finished either. Hoping for translation.
Legacy of the Wizard: NES version finished.
Sorcerian - Genesis version finished. Windows version is on to-do list.
Brandish - PSP and SNES version finished. PC-98 is on to do-list.
Brandish 2 - SNES version finished. PC-98 is on to-do list.
Legend of Xanadu - Tried PCE-CD version. Waiting for the translation patch to release.
Popful Mail - SEGA CD version finished, PCE-CD and PC-98 versions are on to-do list. Dropped SFC version.
Lord Monarch - Windows version is on to-do list.
Vantage Master - Played Vantage Master Online for quite some time, have yet to finish it though.
Zwei!! - Played PSP version for a while, haven't finished.
Xanadu Next - Dropped original PC release due to techincal issues. Finished Steam version.
Gurumin - Got a save file about halfway through the game. Will finish it at some point.
Ys vs Sora no Kiseki - Several story routes finished. Hoping it gets an english patch one day.

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link76000 Jul 6 @ 4:26pm 
Good Week Doomlord
PS: I finish YS VI
Gay Weeb\ Jul 6 @ 1:17pm 
oh daddy mess me up till i look like a pancake with syrup on top
Gay Weeb\ Jul 6 @ 1:16pm 
lemme fuck daddy
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I wish you a Good Week DoomLord
Have fun with all your friends & in your games too
Your friends
Doomlord Jun 24 @ 4:28pm 
Glad to be of service, lol.
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Your review of Gunhound EX gave me a chuckle