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Ys soundtracks repository. Click more info to find out what this is. []

What the assnuts is this repository you ask?

Well if you're a Falcom fan you already know that they are musical gods and if you know me you know that I'm a massive fucking Ysfag (and have been one since I was like 5).

A fair deal of Ys games are known for having a ton of versions of their soundtracks.

Thanks to Falcom being as based as they are with their PC versions one can easily put in their favorite rendition of the music in-game by just renaming and fine-tuning a couple of OGG files so they loop properly.

However this is a pretty boring and time consuming job so few people have actually bothered to do it, let alone post links for others to enjoy.

Over the years I've gathered a massive collection of Ys music, so what I'm gonna do here is try and make as many versions of Ys I, II and III (Felghana)'s soundtracks usable in-game for your enjoyment. And I'll also try to make sure they are in as high quality as possible.

Which basically means you download a soundtrack, put it in your game's music folder and enjoy.

It works on any PC version of Ys I & II Chronicles and Oath in Felghana.
(be it Steam, GOG or yar-har-fiddle-de-dee)


Big thanks to my old buddy Crash-Headroom© for running my Ys Eternal midis through Arachnofont and
making them sound even better than they do on the SC-88.

Also big thanks to the based Anon who's hosting the FalcomArchive pastebin. I managed to get high quality versions of a fair deal of soundtracks that I don't personally own. And if you ever read this thanks for letting me fufill my dream of creating the ultimate Dawn of Ys Soundtrack.

And finally big thanks to the dude who's running the Falcom Music Channel on YouTube. Thanks to him I learned of soundtracks I didn't even know existed.

A Final Note

Be Advised that this project is a pretty slow one that I'm doing for fun every now and then (read I'm a lazy shitfuck who wished breathing wasn't required to live).

I've tested the soundtracks I upload and they should be working fine, but I'm sadly still human in the end. If you notice a track is missing, or put in the wrong place, or is looping wrong, or hell, you have a request for a specific soundtrack, let me know on Steam. I'll be most happy to fix it or fufill said request as long as I have the music in question.
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