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「cosmos vs alien」   Jijel, Algeria
I'm currently in Narnia.

Dangerous when sober.

Top 1 hatemail:

"I'aint mad cause i thought it was quite the duel and i enjoyed it. However you are pretty much the bane of dark souls community always thinking that they are the best and telling everyone they invade to git gud even tho you havent even played the first game or even gotten to newgame+"

I did both, tho i must agree I do spam git gud to everyone I invade, I mean if you cant beat some pleb with half your estus, 30% less health and you have phantoms you deserve to be called a faggot.

And he's right for the end I'm a big sadist and a huge narcissist.
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Height, speed, maneuver, fire!

The most unclean

If you a cute white boi, contact me.

Lookin' up the sky is red
Cities burning up over head
We can make the best of it
In this post apocalypse

Xavier Renegade Angel was a decade too soon.
WHAT DOTH LIFE.. Life.. Life.. Life..

^ ^ ^
pure 24 carat comedy gold

Add me or whatever just tell me why

Some artists/groups I like :


-Deltron Zero

-Tyler, The Creator


-CUPCAKKE (BestDickSucker)

-John Lennon

-Red army Choir


-Yung Gravy



-Asteroids Galaxy Tour

Favorite games :

-Sam and Max
Sam: a 6-foot anthropomorphic dog and Max a "hyperkinetic rabbity thing".

-Deus Ex "What a shame" "I never asked for this"

- MGS 1 and 3

-Metro 2033 and Last Light


-Saints Row 2 to 6, mostly 2.

-SoulsBorne Series

-Dishonored 1&2

"The best traps are the one you knowingly steps into" -me lmao

Traps are good and you know it.
"Its not a trap if I fall for it at my own will"

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Comrade Cloaker Jan 13 @ 5:52am 
idk man i dont think ure supposed to now
Chungus1999 Jan 3 @ 7:45pm 
How the fuck do you pronounce Yves
Nick Tamèr Dec 31, 2017 @ 12:57pm 
j'ai pris 8 shots de vodka je suis mort mdr
Taz Dec 31, 2017 @ 12:45pm 
Ce soir tu refais le autour d'un bon verre d'alcool, pas de ni de à cause d'un abus d'alcool, et passe un excellent réveilon et une superbe nouvelle année, plein de bonheur, de réussites et la santé.
Taz Dec 24, 2017 @ 3:49pm 
Joyeux noël à toi l'ami, en espérant que tu vas fortement profiter. Beaucoup de cadeaux et de nourriture.
oɔᴉN Dec 16, 2017 @ 9:47am 
+rep a fellow communist